Williams Performing Arts Center

The 92,000-square-foot WPAC is the second largest building on campus and one of the top performance venues among colleges and universities in the Southwest. It was part of the $100 million "To Lead and To Serve" campaign that raised more than $114 million for ACU. Designed to be the home of ACU's departments of music and theatre, it includes:

  • The 325-seat Lewis and Jerry Fulks Theatre, a thrust-stage facility designed to the theatre department's specifications with the help of acoustical and theatre consultants.
  • A 282-seat Recital Hall that is acoustically "tuneable" to accommodate the performing artist(s) and number of patrons.
  • The Clara and James Culp Theatre, a multi-form facility designed to allow multiple stage/audience configurations. The only physical restrictions for performances in this blackbox space are the location of the walls, ceiling, and floor.
  • Spacious, modern dressing rooms and laundry rooms
  • Large instrument and choral rehearsal halls
  • A computer lab featuring Macs, PCs, and 16 electronic pianos
  • Forty-four acoustically treated practice rooms and faculty studios
  • Faculty offices and meeting rooms
  • State-of-the-art classrooms
  • Choral and band libraries
  • A box office, courtyard and sculpture garden

Additional Facilities

  • There is no better site for our annual Homecoming Musical than the Abilene Civic Center, a 2100-seat auditorium with modern fly, sound, and lighting systems!
  • Established in 1929, Sewell Theatre on campus was the home of the ACU Dinner Theatre for many years. Sewell now functions as home base for scenic design and construction.
  • The Firestation Theatre houses wardrobe storage.