Undergraduate Planning

Freshman Year: Focus on academics

  • Enroll for the proper classes by referring to the list of course requirements for various programs in Texas)
  • Select an academic major.
            Note: There is no single best major for getting into a Physician Assistant Program as students from all majors are admitted.
  • Develop consistent study skills.
  • Maintain an excellent GPA (an overall GPA of 3.5 is needed to ensure admission to PA programs).
  • Begin thinking about Plan II (i.e., what will I do with my life if I don't go to PA  school?).


Begin extracurricular activities.

Plan summer activities by including health related activities.

Sophomore Year: Focus on academics

  • Gather information on the various PA programs in Texas.
  • Check the admissions requirements for each program in which you have an interest.The course requirements for the Texas programs differ considerably from program to program. Notice that some programs require that you have completed varying hours of college credit while others require a completion of a B.S. degree.


Participate in extracurricular activities, especially those that involve helping people.

Gain first-hand medical experience by shadowing PAs, working in a clinic/hospital, participating in medical missions trips, getting EMT training, etc. Actual first-hand health care experience is extremely important in gaining admission. You will be competing against nurses, EMT personnel, etc. who have years of experience.

Junior/Senior Years: Continue to gain first-hand medical experience.

Prepare your applications for admission.

  • Request letters of recommendation from professors who know you well, from PAs and physicians for whom you have worked.
  • Carefully write your personal essay which explains why you should be admitted.
  • Practice "interviewing" skills.


Submit applications as early as possible. Never wait until the deadline.

Go on interview trips to the schools and then wait anxiously for letter of acceptance.

Enter PA program in the summer. Programs are generally 27 months in length.