• Most medical schools require candidates to take the MCAT exam. It is the greatest single determining factor in whether a student gains admission to medical school. There are 22 test dates a year, and is usually taken in the spring of your junior year. Plan your schedule so that you have taken the prerequisite classes by that time. For more information click here
  • TMDSAS is the Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service that processes the common application for those persons applying to all of the Texas Medical and Dental Schools, except for Baylor College of Medicine. The application process can be completed here
  • While a minimum of three years of study (90 semester hours) must be completed in a U.S. accredited college or university for admission into medical school, the completion of a B.A. or B.S. degree is highly desirable. Students may major in any academic discipline as long as they have completed the following courses as prerequisites for application. While the basic requirements are very similar, schools do vary in their math and/or liberal arts requirements.
  • Students must apply to the ACU pre-medical program. Applications and requirements will be available on the ACU Health Professions Site.


Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Powell
ACU Box 28132
325-674-2864 or 2176
Office: SC 121

The following are course requirements for public medical schools in Texas. Out-of-state schools have similar prerequisites. It is highly recommended that the students contact the schools for the latest information about course requirements in order for them to be met by the required time.

Course Prerequisites/MCAT coverage* (Recommended before the MCAT)

General Biology I & II with lab 8 hrs (BIOL 112/114, BIOL 113/115)
General Chemistry I & II with lab 8 hrs (CHEM 131/133, CHEM 132/134)
Organic Chemistry I & II with lab 8 hrs (CHEM 223/221, CHEM 324/322)
Physics I & II with lab 8 hrs (PHYS 110/111, PHYS 112/113)
Upper Division Biological Sciences 6 hrs min required (Cell Bio-BIOL 312, Physiology-BIOL 492 and Human Anatomy-BIOL 491/493 are recommended)
Biochemistry I 3 hrs required by some (CHEM 453)
Statistics 3 hrs (Biostatistics-BIOL 483 (preferred), or MATH 123, MATH 377)
English 6 hrs (ENGL 111, ENGL 112)
Core courses Intro to Psych-PSYC 120, Intro to Socio-SOCI 111


* These courses include prerequisite courses and other courses covered on the MCAT.