Shadowing Experiences: Sussan Talamas | Orthopedic Surgery

Anytime that I am in my hometown in Mexico, I shadow and observed an orthopedic surgeon and have worked in his office with his patients and during surgeries. He has become an inspiration to me and he has encouraged me to become a doctor. For the past 6 weeks, I have now had the privilege of shadowing another orthopedic surgeon, since he is very experienced in the same field that I am in interested in. He does a wonderful job helping his patients in the best way possible. Infants and children loved him because he would play with them to create a welcoming atmosphere. He was extremely nice to his patients and to his co-workers, which is a truly admirable trait when found in doctors because it demonstrates that they are not centered on their elite title and they a humble heart. Throughout my time shadowing him, I gained many useful lessons and insights about how a doctor should act and treat his patients. The doctor used excellent communication skills to professionally determine the actual cause of pain, to explain his plans for if they required any surgical procedure, and to provide a review of the surgery afterwards. Thus, he has also become a great inspiration and a considerable influence in my decision to become a doctor.

As an orthopedic surgeon he frequently used x-rays to help him discover the source for any pain or discomfort and for viewing the post-surgical recovery of the bones. During my shadowing time with him, he would test my knowledge by asking what was wrong or what was fixed according to the x-ray of his current patient before we would enter into the consulting room with the patient. Half of the time I could only give my best guess because I am not perfectly familiar with all of the terminology and anatomy of the human body. There were times when the x-rays were clear and simple to understand; yet, there were other occasions of when the x-rays were difficult to comprehend. After carefully educating me about the x-rays, the doctor and I would visit the patient and the x-rays would perfectly display the reason that the patient suffering. It was incredible and satisfying to see how the pain a person feels can actually be exposed and evident through the use of technology.

This shadowing experience was a great reminder of why I really want to become a doctor. Any doctor I have ever observed has aided in keeping me encouraged to do and to give my best. I strongly pray every night for strength and for inspiration while I am taking my rigorous classes at ACU to achieve this goal. I desire to become a doctor not for any material goals because I believe that money and material things can turn into an idol and provoke darkens in our hearts. This doctor is a great Christian who has shown me that there is a connection between work and faith because his work is being performed for the Lord and not for his own benefit. Similarly, I aim to help the Lord’s people and to extend His kingdom. Therefore, I strive and work hard in order to attend medical school to be become a doctor and help people. Helping people has always been my passion because it fulfills and satisfies my heart of knowing that I helped someone by taking the time to help them completely for their own benefit. As I revere the exhortation found in Proverbs 16:3, I pray that the Lord will keep me in this path for both my spiritual growth and medical education.