Shadowing Experiences: Louis Sanchez | Pediatrics

I had the pleasure of shadowing a pediatrician for my first semester as part of the Body and Soul Program. With the many options available, I had decided to look for a well experienced pediatrician. Over thirty years of experience and degrees from prestigious universities had caught my eye and I knew he was going to provide me with a great opportunity. Shadowing had strengthened my passion for the medical field along with my relationship with God. Certain days would leave me speechless as I had never expected to see the conditions and demands doctor’s work through to provide for their community. There were easy going days where the most challenging diagnosis was a mere ear infection. On other days, signs of a heart problem due to unknown circumstances filled the room with silence. Not only did I learn how to examine common signs of sickness in adolescents, but gained knowledge in communicating with family members. In any part of the medical field, being a doctor requires a special individual who not only bonds with their patient, but with the family as well. In one case, a mother had begun to cry as the doctor gave a statement concerning her child’s potential of developing a life threatening condition. In no time the doctor proceeded to hug the child who was well of age and understanding of the diagnostic. A powerful scene that I will never forget reminds me every day that to be a doctor requires more than the knowledge of dozens of textbooks. Lastly, I have learned how being a doctor can sometimes mean sacrificing oneself physically. The doctor would go hours without water or even snacking. He describes years of training in tough conditions has led him to develop a physical tolerance to exhaustion. This is the final part that I learned about what it’s like to be a doctor. As the doctor said himself, “We are gifted with the grace of God to help his children when called to serve his kingdom through medical means.”