Shadowing for ICU Pediatrics

Shannon Rose, sophomore biology major, honors and pre-medical student:

"Before I began shadowing, I had a firm belief that I wanted to pursue medicine as a career. As this semester has progressed, and as I have shadowed a pediatrician, my belief can be seen as a reality.

"The Body & Soul program has shown me that while great effort is needed to be a pre-med student, the end reward brings great satisfaction. As I followed the doctor throughout his busy work schedule of standardized check-ups and diagnoses of different illnesses, I witnessed a wisdom that is only gained through years of school and hard work. I not only learned what is practical to do when dealing with an unruly child, but also what to expect as I ready myself for the future world of MCATs and medical schools. While they are still over a year away, it has helped to see where all my hard work this year is going towards. As all my questions on how to diagnose a particular illness - whether it be by symptoms or history of the patient - were answered, I began to gain a small amount of insight into the world of medicine and what it is truly like to be a pediatrician.

"The Body & Soul program at ACU has helped open my eyes to the world of medicine more than before, and without it I may not have had the necessary motivation to work hard to continue to strive toward my ultimate goal of becoming an ICU pediatrician."

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