Dental Shadowing

Barrett Davidson, pre-dental student:

This fall I shadowed two dentists that were in the same office. They both attended ACU. Together they have general dentistry and orthodontic practice on the south side of town. They were very welcoming and helpful to me in learning more about practicing dentistry. I could tell that they not only took their job very seriously but also loved what they did, they only reinforced my drive to become a dentist and help people like they do one day. I was shown specific cases of different types of procedures and was given advice both on applying to dental school and making it through once I’m in. I enjoyed observing learning from them and look forward to possibly shadowing them more in the future.

Both Doctors showed me many procedures and cases. Some of the procedures I observed were molding and forming of night guards, multiple root canals, fillings, multiple tooth extractions, check ups with the dental hygienists patients, checkups with the orthodontist’s patients, braces tightening, replacing temporary crowns, molding and formation of dentures. I was also shown pictures and records of past cases some of which were implants that were either fixed or partially done. He showed me the x-rays and discussed what new teeth can do for persons self esteem and life.

The Doctor explained each of these cases as I was shown x-rays or allowed to observe myself. They made sure that I not only saw what they were doing but that I knew why and sometimes how they were doing it. They were very helpful in that. Their patients seemed to be happy with the work of the Doctors and they had a very wide variety of patients. I observed a difficult tooth extraction where the patient did no speak any English and one of the dental assistance had to translate. I was very glad that I had the opportunity to shadow these two Doctors and am very grateful toward the Body and Soul program at Abilene Christian University for giving me this wonderful opportunity.