Shadowing Experiences: Andrea Saenz | Physical Therapy

This semester I observed a Physical Therapist at a clinic. My experience was amazing. I got to see what a day as a physical therapist was like, and I really enjoyed it. I got to know the athletic trainers really well and some of the patients too. I loved the feeling of being a physical therapist and seeing people gradually get better after a few visits. Shadowing a PT stirred up a passion for PT in me more than I had before. After this, I know that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. 

My day as an observer went as the following. I would go early in the morning around 8am sometimes 9am to the clinic.  I walked around and talked with some patients and learned how to use some of the exercise machinery. By the end of my whole observing experience I had learned to read a log for patients, how to set up some of the machinery like IFC and the bike, and how an evaluation looks like. I was able to come in whenever I wanted and for as long as I wanted. He talked me through the school process as well as his experience. He also answered any questions I had. By the time I finished my observation hours it was pretty difficult to leave. I had grown close to everyone who worked there and I missed the routine of going to the clinic, but I would not trade this experience for nothing in the world. I loved every minute I spent in the clinic. So many who worked there made my shadowing time memorable. This shadowing experience reminded me of why I chose this career path. As a result, it gave me a boost of energy and motivation to keep working hard to achieve my goals of someday becoming a PT.