Medical Mission Opportunities

Spring Break and summer medical mission trips are hosted by our medical and dental alumni throughout the world. Body & Soul students assist in the healing of the body while helping people understand the need for spiritual healing during these trips. This experience along with a written summary of the insights gained from the medical mission, gives our students a distinct advantage. Medical Mission trips are a requirement of the Body & Soul program. 

Read about the 2016 trip to Guatemala.

Our students and faculty participate in Medical Mission trips during Spring Break and Summer:

Bailey Merkel reflects on multiple medical mission trips to Guatemala and how the smallest contributions are sometimes the biggest: "ACU claims its intent is to equip students to make a real difference in the world, but I remember as a freshman wondering what that really means. How can I make a real difference in the world? How can I demonstrate the leadership and service that ACU hopes to prepare me for? How can I truly leave a significant impact on the world around me? The idea of leaving a lasting impression in the world seemed such a daunting task." Read More

In March, Zack Morgan spent a week serving in Haiti with Mobile Medical Disaster Relief: "This past spring break, I was blessed to be able to have one of the most tremendous and significant experiences of my life. Due in part to the generosity of Mobile Medical Disaster Relief and even more so to the goodness of our God, I was blessed to spend a week in Haiti this past March. The time I spent in Haiti was unlike that of any other mission trip on which I have been. I was astonished at how much God was able to use me to reach such a hurting and poor people." Read More

Joe Wilbanks spent Spring Break 2011 in Thomazeau, Haiti. Joe recalls his experience, saying, "Haiti has always been an oppressed nation. It is the poorest nation in the Americas with a history of violence, corruption, and destruction. Today, Haiti is a battered country, its people attempting to recover from a massive earthquake thatwrought massive damage on the country a little over a year ago. The earthquake has only intensified the suffering of its people and pulled Haiti further from recovery. As Tracy Kidder quoted in the title of his biography of Paul Farmer’s work in Haiti, there is a Haitian proverb that goes, dèyè mòn gen mòn, or, “beyond mountains there are mountains.” This proverb fits so well to the very nature of the struggling nation." Read More

Adam Awtrey, biochemistry, pre-dental: "This summer, I went to Catacamas, Honduras, to work with a dentist at a medical mission called Predisan. When I first arrived in Honduras, it was a bit of a culture shock for me because I didn't know anybody and soon came to realize how little Spanish I actually knew. It was very tough trying to break through that barrier, but God always took care of me through everything." Read More

Jenny, pre-med, said Guatamala was an amazing experience. Getting to learn the ins and outs of being a doctor was great, but one of the most touching experiences was getting to pray with the patients after they had seen the doctor. "I was able to pray for them even though there was a language barrier; they knew I was asking God to help them, and God knows all languages. As I began to pray, they would pray with me at the same time, in their own language.  It is really neat to think that God was listening to both of us pray and understanding it all. It was an experience like none other, and something that will be with me forever."

For further information about Abilene Christian University's Body & Soul program contact Terri Aldriedge, R.N., B.S.N., Body & Soul program director.