Conference Experience for Undergraduates

The Conference Experience for Undergraduates (CEU) enables selected undergraduate students who have conducted research in nuclear physics to present their research to the larger professional community and to one another. CEU lasts four days and is held in conjunction with the fall meeting of the American Physical Society's Division of Nuclear Physics in locations such as Hawaii, Williamsburg and Jefferson National Laboratory. Students interested in attending must submit abstracts of their research, and the top applicants receive travel and lodging scholarships.      

While at CEU, students have the opportunity to attend a variety of lectures given by some of the world's leading nuclear, particle, and high energy physicists. Students present their own research in a poster session attended by DNP members, and occasionally an ACU student is even asked to give a lecture at DNP. 

CEU gives students a wonderful opportunity to interact with experienced physicists and prominent professors at graduate institutions, as well as other students from around the country. ACU students always enjoy going to CEU because they meet new friends, grow even closer to each other and their professors, and learn about many exciting developments in the world of physics.

Abstracts Presented at CEU by ACU Students