Student Opportunities

In Class:

    • Learn how to distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources of information
    • Learn how to access and use information ethically and legally
    • Create a paper, product or performance by applying your research skills
    • Evaluate the work of fellow students through peer review


Out of Class:

    • Work with faculty in research or creative projects over the summer or during the school semester
    • Receive grants from the Honors College, Office of Undergraduate Research or Pursuit program for your faculty-guided work
    • Participate in internships on- and off-campus in which you will develop scholarly or creative works
    • Present your work to ACU peers and professors in venues like the Undergraduate Research Festival, Shinnery Review, concerts, productions, art shows and other events
    • Present your work to peers, professors and professionals at regional and national conferences

What counts as a "scholarly or creative work"?

The options vary to fit your specific area of interest and field of study. In many cases, the Pursuit program can provide you with resources (information channels, faculty guidance, internship opportunities, grant money, etc.) to pursue ideas you already had in mind. Examples of scholarly or creative works you might produce under the Pursuit program include these:

  • Scientific research
  • Exegesis
  • Behavioral analysis
  • Business plan
  • Marketing communications strategy
  • Creative writing
  • Speech or presentation
  • Video creation
  • Mobile app or game design
  • Theatre production
  • Composing or performing music
  • Artwork or architectural design

In short, the Pursuit program will empower you to research and develop work on a topic and in a format that is relevant to you.