Books We Have on Our Shelf

The Pruett Gerontology Center has many resources that are available to educate those who are interested in areas that surround gerontology. Listed here are the books that we have in our center. Please feel free to come by to take a look at them.

Aging Is a Family Affair by: Doug Manning

This book will give you an inside look into family meetings, legal planning, financial considerations, choosing the right care and, helping the caregiver. All of these topics may come into play when a family is faced with caring for an aging loved one. Manning provides a hands on learning guide for a realistic and loving approach to long term care.

Aging and Spirituality by: David Moberg

Spiritual dimensions of aging theory, research, practice and policy. During later years of life, many older adults devote energy to a process of spiritual awakening and self-discovery. This book is about providing spiritual support for aging people.

White Unto Harvest: Evangelizing Today's Senior Adults by: Charles Arn

Dr. Charles Arn reports on a national research study of senior adult conversions. In part one he talks about the research and key insights. In part two he offers seven strategic recommendations for effectively reaching older adults in today's world.

With God's Oldest Friends: Pastoral Visiting in the Nursing Home by: Simmons and Peters

This book contains realistic, detailed and practical information for pastoral caregivers. The nursing home can be seen as a time and opportunity for transformation and spiritual growth. Recommended for anyone planning to, or in the field of pastoral care in nursing homes.

The Healing Connection by: Harold Koenig

This is a story of a physician's search for the link between faith and health. Koenig presents research concerning the impact of religion on mental and physical health, challenges individuals and churches to develop constructive ways of implementing the healing connection that can be found in faith.

Nana's New Home by: Kristi Cargill

A comforting story for children with loved ones at Windcrest Alzheimer's Center. Puts Alzheimer's into a way that children can understand.

The Pocket Guide to Staying Healthy at 50+ by AARP, U.S. Department of Health Services,

The guide provides readers with: What to ask your doctors, Staying healthy-how to take charge of your health, Checkups-shots-test, Prevention Charts, etc.

Searching for Normal Feelings, Socks-How to Solve Problems, Visiting in a Nursing Home by: Doug Manning

This is a set of three mini series about nursing homes. They are short and easy to read. Searching for normal feelings, talks, about being angry with ill loved ones and knowing that you are not alone in what you are feeling. Socks-how to solve problems, deals with trying to find the best nursing home, brings up concerns for what to say to loved one in a nursing home, dealing with guilt about visiting, and much more.

The Days of Our Years by: Buck Griffith

A "how to" booklet on senior adult ministry.

Share My Lonesome Valley: The Slow Grief of Long-Term Care by: Doug Manning

In this book Doug Manning shares insight from his various experiences. He talks about being a long-term caregiver to three parents. He talks about the stress, eating right, emotions, the grieving process, and much more.

Grandpa Says by Robert J. Hall

A collection of family stories, scriptures, famous quotes, wise sayings and humor designed to inspire, encourage, and support loved ones as they face life's challenges and opportunities.

Designing an Older Adult Ministry by Richard Gentzler, Jr.

This book includes topics such as: Helps congregations look at "why" ministry by, with, and for older adults; Provides information on attitudes and trends in aging; Explores myths and realities of aging; Offers tools to help congregations assess current reality; Showcases planning models; and provides resources and direction.

When Love Gets Tough-The Nursing Home Decision by Doug Manning

Doug Presents healing insights in a warm, conversational style. Reading this book is like visiting with an old friend. It includes issues related to Nursing Homes such as: Making the decision, implementing the decision, and living with the decision.

Estate Planning Success for Women by: Kohm and James

Nine simple steps to plan your estate with foresight, clarity and thoughtfulness for the benefit of those you love.

The Adventures of Bible Study by: Glenn Owen

This book covers the goal of Bible study, how the study begins, understanding why are you doing the Bible study, etc.

Wills, Trusts and Your Estate Plan by: Mark L. James

Eight simple steps to save money and stay in control of your assets.

The Christian Guide to Parent Care by Riekse and Holstege

A practical resource for helping our aging parents meet their changing needs- physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Spiritual Caregiving-Healthcare as a Ministry by: Carson and Koenig

Carson and Koenig present a vision of a healthcare system that supports and nurtures the spirituality of patients and the their families while simultaneously helping health professionals and caregivers maintain their own spiritual health. Practical tips and concrete strategies help make this vision a reality by showing caregivers how they can become a vital part of changing the system and integrating a spiritual dimension into their practices.

The Graying of the Flock by: James Knapp

The United States is in the midst of a dramatic transformation. For the first time in history our nation has more senior citizens than teenagers. This practical, informative, and inspiring new book shows how to adopt a new model of senior living.

Understanding the Generations by: James Knapp

There are five living generations in the United States and each sees the world through a different lens. Because of this, it is often assumed that tension between the generations is inevitable. However, it is possible to bring the generations together by understanding each perspective and creating opportunities for positive intergenerational contact. This book provides an in-depth introduction to the five living generations and offers recommendation for how to effectively blend the generational perspectives in religious settings.

You are one of Us, Successful Clergy Church Connections to Alzheimer's Families by: Lisa P. Gwyther

Who Gets Grandmother's Yellow Pie Plate? Workbook by University of Minnesota. This workbook is a guide to how to pass on personal possessions. This book is to educate the church how to attend to those with Alzheimer's and their family members.

Meagan: "If I Were Young Again" by Bob Goff

This book is written to Bob's granddaughter Meagan. It gives thrifty practical lessons for young people. Included are scriptures and discussion questions.

Godly Grandparenting by Ben E. Dickerson, PhD and Derrel R. Watkins, PhD

This book is a  comprehensive, spiritual and practical resource for today's changing families. Roles have changed and so have responsibilities and new territories have emerged for grandparents. The book explores legal issues, grandparenting in a divorce situation, parenting, your grandchildren and much more.

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