ISA Officers


Cindy Lee - President

Position Description:

The President is the executive officer in charge of the overall progress and external affairs of ISA and the appointed leader of the executive office. The officer that oversees all events, sets the agenda for meetings, and is responsible for communication with all officers, students and university officials.

Officer’s Bio:

Cindy was born in South Korea and raised in Guatemala, but her family moved to Mexico her freshman year at ACU. She is a junior double majoring in Political Science and Spanish with a minor in Marketing. She enjoys playing guitar, traditional sports, learning new languages, searching the web for interesting facts and playing video games. Cindy’s first involvement with ISA was when she first joined the officer team as the PR/Social Media Liaison. She really liked all the fun and engaging activities ISA had such as Ethnos, the International Food and Fashion Festival, the ISA spring trip and a lot more!


Kristy Ng - Secretary

Position Description:

The Secretary is the advisor to the President, the executive officer responsible for the record keeping of information and discussions, scheduling and communication within the Executive Office of ISA.

Officer’s Bio: Kristy is a sophomore from Dallas, Texas, and is double majoring in Marketing and Management. She enjoys hiking, hammocking, delicious food, and random adventures! From her first moment interacting with ISA, she fell in love and is now ecstatic to be working with them this year! She hopes to inspire other non-international students into involvement with ISA, as well as create a community of unity in diversity! If you see her around, don’t be afraid to say hello!

Rina Iwakami

Rina Iwakami - Vice President

Positions Descriptions:

The Vice President is the executive officer responsible for all internal affairs. He/she will help formulate the association’s long-term plan and be active in carrying out the mission of ISA through the events and activities of the association.

Officer’s Bio: Rina is a junior Management major from Japan. She fell in love with Abilene Christian University (ACU) campus when she came to ACU for the first time. She has been enjoying ACU life with her friends and enjoys being a part of ISA events such as Ethnos and Food Festival. ISA helps her a lot in making friends and finding community. As a Vice President, she hopes to make ISA a more comfortable and fun community and wishes for many students at ACU to be involved in ISA events and activities.


Olive Tuyushimire - Treasurer

Position Description:

The Treasurer is the executive officer responsible for managing and handling all the financial activity and budget of ISA. Responsible for planning and submitting budget requests to the Students’ Association, keeping track of ISA financial balances, and responsible for managing finances to minimize loss and maximize gains for student productions and activities.

Officer’s Bio:

Olive was born and raised in Rwanda. She is the first born in a family of six girls. She is a sophomore in Engineering at Abilene Christian University.


Mafer Hernandez - Chaplain

Position Description:

The Chaplain is the executive officer responsible for the spiritual welfare and growth of the ISA community. Responsible for ISA and International Chapels, and all spiritual related activities in which ISA is involved.

Officer’s Bio: Mafer is a sophomore from Guatemala City and is double majoring in Finance and Marketing. Her favorite activities are: cooking, reading, extreme sports, riding roller coasters and enjoying a nice cup of coffee. When she came to ACU, she felt ISA activities helped her to get involved and meet people during the adaptation process. She hopes to make chapel a fun and rewarding experience to international students. Also, to involve other students and international students to grow a relationship with God and feel they have a support group that will pray for and with them.

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Grace Lim - Advertising/Public Relations Director

Position Description:

The Ad/PR Officer is executive officer responsible for planning the communication and promotion of all ISA events, promotions and other on social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Officer’s Bio: Grace was born and raised with two younger sisters in Sungai Petani, Malaysia. She is a senior Psychology major who would one day like to work with children as a licensed psychologist. She enjoys reading mysteries, writing short stories, exploring beautiful places, and crocheting useful items. The experiences that Grace encountered as a member of the international community at ACU has led her to acknowledge the importance of the ISA in welcoming international students. She hopes, as an ISA officer, to be able to help all incoming international students to adjust well and feel at home at ACU.


Ivan Anyaegbu - Sports Director

Position Description:

The Sports Director is the executive officer responsible for the organization and coordination of all sport activities of ISA and participation in intramural events.

Officer’s Bio: Ivan is a senior Computer Science major from Nigeria. His hobbies include playing video games, hanging out with friends, sleeping, and reading. When he came to ACU, he saw ISA as a big family with members from all over the world, and wishes for this family to keep growing by getting non-international students more involved this year. As an ISA officer, he hopes to create a more diverse environment by encouraging students (international and non-international alike) to seek interest and understanding of the various cultures accessible to them in the community.


Veronica Whitt - Advisor

Position Description:

ISA Advisor - Staff/Faculty of Abilene Christian University with substantial experience abroad, and working with students from different parts of the world. She is responsible for keeping ISA officers accountable and guiding students in furthering the goals and vision of the International Students' Association.

Advisor's Bio:

Veronica was born and raised in Cebu, Philippines and came to the U.S. in 2009 to attend ACU. During her time at ACU she was very involved in the International Students’ Association and had served as an officer herself for two consecutive years. Veronica graduated in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in Family Studies and since then has continued to serve international students in various capacities. As an advisor, she hopes to provide adequate support and guidance to the ISA officers which will foster their growth as global leaders.