Health Insurance Policy

Health insurance in the U.S. is very important. Medical costs can accumulate quickly with even a minor medical procedure or office visit. To help protect our students from these costs, ACU requires all international students and exchange visitors to purchase ACU health insurance, which meets the U.S. Department of State guidelines.

2016-17 Insurance Carrier: GeoBlue
Insurance company phone: 1-844-268-2686
Student online access: download the GeoBlue app, or online
Email customer service:
Email to file claims:
U.S. Emergency phone number (fire, medical, police): 911

You are welcome to have another insurance policy if you would like. For example, you may purchase a policy that covers an area that ACU’s insurance does not. However, even with outside insurance, you must still purchase a separate policy through ACU.

Insurance charges are automatically noted on the student’s ACU account each semester. Students are charged the premiums for 5 months in the Fall semester (August - December), and 7 months in the Spring semester (January - July). Coverage is continued during the summer months for continuing students who were enrolled full-time in the previous spring semester. Your insurance charges are noted on your I-20 and DS-2019 cost information.

  • Dental and vision coverage is limited with ACU insurance. It would be advisable to check with your dentist and optometrist at home for needed treatment before traveling.
  • Some medications that are sold over the counter in your country will require a doctor visit and prescription in the U.S.
  • The policy requires a one year waiting period before it will pay for treatment of any condition/illness/injury (or related medication) that existed before the policy began. So if you currently have a medical condition of any kind, we recommend you see your doctor in your home country before you come, bring some extra medication with you, and plan to cover the expenses for your condition for the first year in the U.S.
  • Even though J-2 dependents are not required to have health insurance coverage through ACU, they are required by the Department of State to have health coverage while in the U.S.

Again, please note that all international students and exchange visitors are required to have ACU insurance coverage. This coverage cannot be waived.