Department of Mathematics

As the language in which God wrote the universe, mathematics is a vital ingredient for life and scientific advancement. The Department of Mathematics at Abilene Christian University prepares students to be lifelong scholars and explorers of math. ACU math majors learn to think critically and analytically about the world around us, and about how mathematics can solve real-world problems. This education prepares them for careers as mathematicians, researchers, statisticians, actuaries, teachers, and everything in between.

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Mathematics recognizes mathematics as the foundation of our technological society. Mathematics is a growing, changing discipline with new results constantly being discovered. As the language in which nature speaks to us, mathematics is the intellectual fabric of a broad range of disciplines.

  • Mathematics BA Major
    • Applied Mathematics Track
    • Pure Mathematics Track
  • Mathematics BS Major
    • Actuarial Science
    • Mathematics
  • Mathematics - Concentration in Actuarial Science BS Major
  • Mathematics for Teacher Certification BS Major
  • Mathematics Minor

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