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The Master of Arts in Global Service is a 48-hour program that provides an innovative, real-world curriculum that will equip Christian leaders for service in global contexts.  It aims to serve learners who desire advanced education for ministries that require living, working, and communicating in the intercultural contexts typical of today’s global society.  Drawing upon theology, sociology, anthropology, history, and communication theory, MAGS challenges learners to analyze contemporary global concerns, formulate Christian perspectives, and explore solutions to intercultural challenges.  Learners will engage the practices of global service through a mix of graduate courses, contextual learning opportunities, and mentoring in the competencies necessary for Christian leadership and service in intercultural contexts.  The result will be a theologically formed, missiologically adept, interculturally competent leader who is prepared for effective and sustainable service in a variety of settings.

Persons admitted with some advanced theological study or with extensive undergraduate studies in Bible, religion, and ministry may receive up to 12 hours of advanced placement.  Consult with the advisor.

The degree has a thesis option.  Consult with the advisor.

Requirements for the MA in Global Service are:

1.  Orientation:

     BIBM 602 GST Orientation

2.  Core, 12 hours

     BIBM 603 Foundations of the Theology of Ministry

     BIBM 657 Contexts of Ministry

     BMIS 697 Intercultural Competence for Global Service

     BMIS 619 Church and Mission

3.  Witness, 18 hours

     BIBH 674 Mission and Expansion of Christianity

     BIBL 680 Introduction to Christian Scripture

     BIBL 682 Teaching Scripture in Contemporary Contexts

     BIBD 678 Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion

     BIBH 651 History of Christianity I: Early and Medieval or BIBH 652 History of Christianity II: Reformation to Present     

     BIBD 660 Introduction to Systematic Theology

4.  Mission, 18 hours

     BMIS 646 Foundations of Missional Practice

     BMIS 649 Reading and Engaging Contemporary Cultures

     BMIS 647 Readings in Contextual Theology

     BMIS 650 Leadership in Intercultural Contexts

     BMIS 672 Religion in Global Contexts

     BIBM 616 Narrative Evangelism

5.  English Bible exam

6.  E-portfolio review or thesis defense

7.  Optional MA Thesis project – 6 hours

     BMIS 699 Master’s Thesis

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