Graduate School - Preparing for Graduation

A degree candidate must submit an Intent to Graduate to the Graduate School prior to beginning of final semester.

Any student who does not complete graduation requirements during the semester for which he or she has filed must re-apply for a later graduation date. Degrees are posted on the student’s transcript for the term in which all requirements have been completed. Diplomas are mailed to students after the degree is posted (approximately two months after commencement).

Comprehensive or Thesis Examination Requirements
In addition to regular course examinations, most programs require students to pass a comprehensive examination over the major field. Graduate students who write a thesis must “defend” the thesis in an oral examination.

The comprehensive exam should be arranged through the department four weeks before graduation. The thesis defense should be arranged with the thesis committee five weeks before graduation [some programs have specific examination dates.] The graduate student should consult his or her graduate advisor for specific departmental examination requirements and schedules, noting that summer schedules can be difficult scheduling times. The student should obtain a Comprehensive Examination Application from the Graduate School before the examination date. After the exam, the department returns the form to the Graduate School to report examination results.

Clear Student Account
Check with Student Financial Services to clear or make arrangements for any outstanding balance before graduation.

Degree Posting, Transcript, and Diploma
When all requirements for the degree have been met, including the final copy of the thesis, etc., the degree will be posted, and a transcript showing the degree may be requested. Diplomas are ordered as soon as degrees are posted following each graduation date and should be mailed within two months. It is imperative that students leave a correct forwarding address. At the time of degree posting, if any requirement has not been met, the student will automatically be deferred to the next graduation cycle and will need to notify the Graduate School when requirements have been completed.

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