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A composite interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science may be designed to meet the student’s needs.

The Master of Liberal Arts in interdisciplinary studies is available. See the Graduate School section of this catalog.

An individualized composite interdisciplinary major may be approved for a student whose life and career goals will be served by such a major. The student must work with the appropriate academic advisor(s) and the director of curriculum to design the degree plan, which will include the University and Degree Core general University requirements. The director of curriculum will then assign a primary and secondary advisor to work with the student.

The “Composite Interdisciplinary Major” (CIND) is a special academic program that is designed to allow a student to integrate studies from multiple disciplines in the baccalaureate curriculum. This major builds upon a core of classes from different majors and combines them to create a degree plan satisfying some or all of the learning outcomes for multiple disciplines. Students may choose either the BA or BS degree for the CIND major. The student transcript after being awarded a degree includes the CIND major, as well as listed concentrations for each of the disciplines that comprised the major.

ACU also offers an interdisciplinary major with a liberal studies emphasis, which follows a degree plan for the learning outcomes of the University Requirement area and encompasses a broad learning initiative in elective hours across a number of disciplines. The liberal studies emphasis of this major does not include multiple disciplines, as liberal studies is a multidisciplinary study. Consequently, the student transcript only reflects the CIND major and a concentration in liberal studies, with no other disciplines listed.

Admission Requirements
Before being admitted to a composite interdisciplinary program, the student must have the following approvals:

  • Department chairs from each area of study represented within the CIND degree plan must approve the course selection from that discipline, including finalizing required courses from that major that must be included in the degree plan. The student will gather learning outcomes from each department they wish to include in the major.
  • The Registrar’s Office must ensure that the plan meets the general graduation requirements for the University, and that areas selected for the CIND major are areas in which the university is approved to grant degrees (including minors), based on the catalog.
  • The student must have fewer than 90 earned hours to declare a traditional, multidisciplinary CIND major. Students with more than 90 hours are limited to the liberal studies CIND major.
  • A student must satisfy all requirements listed in the ACT/SAT Placement Information section of this catalog.

University Requirements
The composite interdisciplinary major will include the University and Degree Core appropriate to the BA or BS major.

Major Requirements
The composite interdisciplinary major will include all graduation requirements for the appropriate degree (BA or BS) as well as any special graduation requirements necessary to fulfill the student’s goals. The degree plan, which will exceed the minimums for a major (see General Requirements for the Baccalaureate Degree) in the chosen BA or BS degree, can combine significant elements from two or more majors. Combined areas such as social sciences, humanities, behavioral sciences, fine arts or natural sciences may be used as one academic area. Minimum GPA requirements, both within major and cumulative, will be determined by the departments and programs involved. The major may include a minor, supplement and support areas. Generally, the degree will not exceed 128 hours; however, an interdisciplinary degree may exceed 128 hours with the student’s understanding that the hours are necessary to satisfy the departmental elements that the student wishes to include in the major.

General Electives
Electives may be used to build the interdisciplinary degree if necessary.

Applying for a CIND Degree Plan
Students who wish to inquire about a CIND major should begin in the Registrar’s Office for the appropriate forms and advising about the major.

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