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Stephen Baldridge, Assistant Professor
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Wayne Paris, Associate Professor
Rachel Slaymaker, Assistant Professor
Thomas L. Winter, Professor

Major: Social Work (BS) 

The School of Social Work offers the Bachelor of Science in Social Work degree, the Bachelor of Science in Sociology (page 115), and a minor in Sociology. A Master of Science in Social Work degree and a graduate-level certificate in social services administration are also available. See the Graduate School section of this catalog. 

The school offers qualified undergraduate students the opportunity to complete the Bachelor of Science and the Master of Science in Social Work degrees in five years.

Graduates of the ACU BSSW social work program presently work in a variety of settings, including mental health programs, corrections, health care, schools, children and youth programs, mental retardation services, family services and gerontological programs.

Social work majors study the interaction of biological, psychological and social aspects of life that affect human behavior and problems. Students gain experience in the application of social work methods by working directly with human service programs in the Abilene area through the program’s field education curriculum.

The Bachelor of Science degree in social work is granted only to those students who have completed the social work program’s curriculum in its entirety. The degree indicates that the student is prepared for beginning generalist social work practice.

BSSW graduates are prepared both personally and professionally for either immediate entry into the field of social work or for entry into a graduate school to pursue the Master of Social Work degree. The principle objective of the program, however, is to prepare the student for entry-level generalist social work practice. A complete articulation of the educational outcomes of the program is contained in the social work program’s Student Handbook, which can be obtained from the School of Social Work office.

ACU’s BSSW program is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education to offer the baccalaureate degree in social work. This accreditation enables students who have completed their work at ACU to qualify for licensure as a social worker in Texas and other states and to have “advanced standing” in many graduate schools of social work throughout the nation.

Additional Admission Requirements   
The declaration of social work as a major does not ensure admission to the social work program. In addition to the requirements for all degrees (see the University Requirements section of this catalog), the student must apply for and be granted admission to the social work program before taking most upper-level courses.

The following accomplishments are required for admission:

          • Junior standing (60 credit hours).

          • Completion of admission forms designated by the school.

          • Submission of an autobiographical sketch that includes the student’s personal
             experiences, expectations, and self evaluation relative to social work.

          • Satisfactory completion of SOCW 230, 250, and 327 or 329. 

          • Approval for admission by program faculty after an interview and consideration of
             various criteria.

Complete information on applying for admission to the program is given to all students when they declare their major. The deadline for application is the 13th full week of the semester prior to the anticipated beginning of upper-level practice and field course work. Students are notified of the decision of the faculty by the 15th full week of the semester.

Study Abroad Expectations
All students are encouraged to participate in ACU’s Study Abroad program. Classes offered at Study Abroad sites vary depending on the site. Academic advisors can assist students in planning ahead for their Study Abroad experience and should be consulted during the freshman year.

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SOCIAL WORK (BS)        


Please see the University Requirements section of this catalog.


Social Work

    BIOL 101 Biology: Human Perspective or

        BIOL 291 Anatomy and Physiology and

        BIOL 293 Anatomy and Physiology Lecture/Lab  

    Student will select from a list of recommended courses:

    BIBM 390, 435: COMS 345, 376, 421, 430: ECON 438;  

    ENGL 363, 470; FAM 455; PSYC 232, 372, 374, 382; SOCI 222, 362
        444, 480.

    No more than 9 hours can be taken in one field.

    Additional upper level courses in these areas can be approved by advisor.

    SOCW 230 Introduction to Social Work  

    SOCW 250 Person to Person: Fundamental Skills of Relating  

    SOCW 327 Micro/Mezzo Human Behavior Theory  

    SOCW 329 Diversity, Power, and Oppression  

    SOCW 351 Social Work Practice with Micro Systems  

    SOCW 381 Field Practicum I  

    SOCW 415 Social Research (writing-intensive course)  

    SOCW 416 Program and Practice Evaluation  

    SOCW 441 Social Welfare Policies and Services  

    SOCW 442 Policy Analysis and Practice  

    SOCW 451 Social Work Practice with Macro Systems 

         (writing-intensive course)  

    SOCW 481 Field Practicum II  


*See “Admission to Major” requirements in this catalog.

1Hours (in parentheses) may also fulfill university requirements 
and are not included in total major hours
























Minimum             14
TOTAL MAJOR HOURS            72

Minimum grade for each course in major and supplement  

Minimum GPA in major  

Minimum GPA for graduation  

Minimum advanced hours  

Minimum total hours  

Courses numbered 0** do not count in
minimum hours required for degree.







Course Descriptions

Please the Course Descriptions section of this catalog. Courses offered by the School of Social Work include those with the following designation: SOCW.


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