2013-14 Course Descriptions

HED - Health Education   
Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition (CEHS)
HED 112 Personal Health and Human Disease (3-0-3), fall, spring. Emphasizes personal health knowledge and practices needed for effective living. Study of human diseases with special consideration for preventive measures.
HED 322 School Health Programs (3-0-3), spring, odd years. Health needs and interests of secondary students as a basis for selecting, planning and demonstrating appropriate learning experiences.
HED 324 Drug Education (3-0-3), fall. Beneficial and harmful uses and effects of drugs. Motivations behind drug abuse and implications of this problem on the individual, school and society.
HED 405 Human Sexuality (3-0-3), spring. An investigation of the social, psychological, physiological and spiritual aspects of human sexuality. Communication skills for sex educators will be developed.
HED 410 Death Education (3-0-3), fall. Emphasizes a positive attitude about death. Definitions, stages, legal aspects, funerals, and basic concepts in relation to the realities of death and dying are studied. Counseling concepts discussed.
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