2013-14 Course Descriptions

ENGR - Engineering   
Department of Physics (CAS)
ENGR 220 Engineering Mechanics: Statics (3-0-3), fall, even years. A study of composition and resolution of forces, equilibrium of force systems, friction, forces acting on and in trusses and frames, centroids, and moments of inertia. Prerequisites: PHYS 120/121; MATH 186 or concurrent enrollment.
ENGR 222 Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics (3-0-3), spring, odd years. Study of the dynamics of particles and rigid bodies, including the governing force-mass-acceleration, work-energy, and impulse-momentum relationships for two- and three-dimensional cases. Prerequisites: ENGR 220; MATH 286 or concurrent enrollment.
ENGR 335 Introduction to Electronics (2-0-2), spring. Basic electrical measurements and devices, introductory electronics. Emphasis on lab work. Intended for those who will use electronic instruments and methods in their profession. Concurrent enrollment in ENGR 336 is required. Prerequisite: calculus or concurrent enrollment in MATH 186. Same as PHYS 335.
ENGR 336 Introduction to Electronics Laboratory (0-3-1), spring. Concurrent enrollment in ENGR 335 is required. Same as PHYS 336.
ENGR 388 Network Analysis (3-0-3), fall, odd years. Active and passive electrical networks, time and frequency domains, Fourier and LaPlace transform techniques, some non-linear circuits. Prerequisite: MATH 361. Same as PHYS 388.
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