Letters from the President and Provost

From the President

Welcome to Abilene Christian University!

We’re glad you’re planning to join us for the 2012-13 school year. Our campus is full of students who are discovering what it means to receive an education in a vibrant, innovative, Christ-centered community. Our mission is to educate students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world, and our faculty and staff have promised to make ACU a place where that transformation takes place.

ACU’s exceptional faculty and staff members challenge and mentor their students, equipping them to make a real difference in the world – in their homes, churches and communities. We believe true learning happens where the classroom and the world meet, so we offer numerous opportunities for hands-on learning in and out of the classroom, both on campus and in other locations around the globe. We’ve created an atmosphere where you will experience authentic spiritual and intellectual growth. At ACU we endeavor to blend an exceptional education with opportunities to stretch our students and challenge their faith.

As an ACU student, you will take ownership of your academic career, preparing yourself for life after college. ACU also offers numerous opportunities for you to grow spiritually and socially through participation with more than 100 campus organizations and many other venues for service. We are working to fulfill our 21st-Century Vision of becoming the premier institute for the education of Christ-centered global leaders, and we welcome you as a part of that group.

U.S. News and World Report consistently ranks ACU both a “Best College” and a “Best College Buy” in its annual ranking of colleges and universities. Our hands-on approach to learning, state-of-the-art technology and Christian focus combine to offer you a distinct learning experience.

This catalog explains our undergraduate and graduate academic programs, requirements for admission and the various support services available on campus. Please call one of our toll-free numbers if you have additional questions. Our Admissions team is ready to help you enroll, and the provost’s staff and Graduate school staff are excited to assist you in planning and accomplishing your academic goals.

-Phil Schubert, Ed.D.



From the Provost     

Welcome to Abilene Christian University! This is a special place that is designed to prepare you both intellectually and spiritually for the unique plan that God has for your life.  Combining cutting edge instruction and facilities with more than a century of tradition and history, ACU offers nationally recognized academic programs within a supportive, Christ-centered community. We believe that you are here for a specific purpose and promise to provide you with a vibrant and innovative educational experience that equips you to make a real difference in the world.

Students who are attracted to ACU are usually highly involved - in their churches, in their community, and with their families.  We invite you to bring this same energy and sense of involvement to your experiences both on and off campus. In fact, we feel that you learn best when you are able to work side-by-side with our talented faculty and staff as they engage you in learning through research, internships, study abroad experiences, service learning opportunities, team projects, and learning communities. You will spend plenty of time in the classroom, but you will also bring your newly acquired knowledge to life as you apply it in the real world among people.

ACU's academic reputation and national rankings have continued to increase year after year. This hard-earned recognition is a testimony to the sacrificial commitment of generations of faculty and staff and the thoughtful integration of faith and learning offered to students.  ACU takes seriously its charge to be a premier university of the education of Christ-centered global leaders and we continually seek the physical and technological resources necessary to enhance the value of your experience as a student.  We know, however, that the greatest resource we have to offer is the life-long relationships you develop and mentoring you receive from the Godly women and men who work here.  I encourage you to fully invest in these relationships - you will be amazed at how much you will benefit personally and professionally.

I pray that your experience here is everything that you have hoped for and more than you expected, that you are challenged and stretched, that you broaden your understanding of the world and your place in it as a child of God, and that you leave here ready to bless others by what you have gained during your time with us.  Go Wildcats!

– Dr. Robert Rhodes, Ph.D.



Vision in Action

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