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Interdisciplinary Faculty

Denise Barnett, Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Heidi Morris, Adjunct Instructor Family Studies
Charlie Pruett, Associate Professor of Gerontology
Steven Wages, Associate Professor Family Studies
Tom Winter, Professor of Social Work


The interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in the Study of Aging is offered through the Pruett Gerontology Center within the College of Education and Human Services.  The certificate is an 18-hour non-thesis program.  A certificate in gerontology is also available on the undergraduate level.  

Course work in this interdisciplinary program is carefully integrated in an effort to add richness, depth and balance to a student's background.  The certificate may be earned independently or as a specialization to another graduate degree program.  It is a nationally recognized credential in the field of gerontology education.

Since 1986, the Pruett Gerontology Center has worked to develop a curriculum in the study of aging to respond to church and community service needs of individuals and organizations.  The center sponsors numerous workshops and conferences that address needs and issues in aging being faced by churches, families and communities.

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for the Graduate Certificate in the Study of Aging are as follows:

  1. A completed application and application fee (see online link to admission); 
  2. An official transcript(s) in English (or translated to English) of all previous colleges attended.  The transcript must indicate an earned bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university or equivalent; 
  3. A cumulative undergraduate approximate B average or above in the area of focus or related area and evidence of an overall productive GPA;
  4. A personal interview with the Director of the Pruett Gerontology Center.
Gerontology (Grad)
Major Code: GERO

Requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Gerontology are:

  1. Gerontology core, 9 hours:

          GERO 550 Sociology of Aging
          GERO 552 Adult Development and Aging
          GERO 690 Gerontology Practicum

     2.  Electives, 9 hours graduate work approved by advisor.

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