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Philosophy examines questions in every aspect of human life, and its methods apply to problems in every discipline. The study of philosophy allows one to develop the capacity to see the world from the perspective of other individuals and cultures; it enhances one’s ability to perceive the relationships among various academic disciplines; it deepens one’s sense of the meaning and variety of human experience; and it teaches critical techniques that are invaluable in all aspects of life.

A true liberal arts education must include a study and analysis of the ideas of the great thinkers of the world. Our world views and ideas are formed in the context of history, and we as citizens of the world and Christians have the responsibility to be aware of where our thoughts come from and what previous ideas influenced our own. There are many philosophies in the world today, and we cannot adequately respond to them or criticize them without some knowledge of their philosophical genesis.

The philosophy minor at ACU is designed to prepare a student who wishes to pursue graduate study in philosophy, to supply knowledge for a philosophical basis for the other disciplines, or simply to satisfy the curious mind.




PHIL 275 Introductory Logic and Critical Thinking or

    PHIL 486 Ethics

PHIL 380 Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 487 History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

PHIL 489 History of Modern Philosophy

Choose from: PHIL 275, 378, 379, 451, 478, 486, 490, 491










Course Descriptions
Please see the Course Descriptions section of this catalog. Courses offered in philosophy include those with the following designation: PHIL.


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