2012-13 Course Descriptions

INTS - International Studies   
Department of History (CAS)
INTS 210 Introduction to Global Studies (1-0-1), fall, spring. Designed to improve the cultural competence of students who are studying abroad. Students engage a particular cultural group in anticipation of participation in ACU's Study Abroad programs in Uruguay or Great Britain. The focus of the course is experiential in nature. Available only to students enrolled in one of ACU's Study Abroad programs.
INTS 212 Introduction to Great Britain (3-0-3), fall, spring. Introduces students to Great Britain through the examination of regional geography, social groups, cultural values and major institutions, with special attention to the issues that currently dominate public discourse. Students learn from local guest lecturers and on-site observation of British institutions, as well as through small group tutorials in the Oxford learning tradition. Available only to students enrolled in ACU's Oxford Study Abroad program.
INTS 217 South America Southern Cone: History and Culture (3-0-3), fall, spring. Includes an overview of Latin America and a more detailed examination of the history and culture of the Southern Cone of South America, especially Uruguay. Students look in depth at specific cultural components such as government, education, religion, business, family structures, cultural values and worldviews. Available only to students enrolled in ACU's Montevideo, Uruguay, Study Abroad program.
INTS 301 Language and Culture (3-0-3), fall. Interconnected relationships between language and culture leading to communicative competence. Language structures, cultural models, and semantic analysis. Prerequisites: sophomore standing.
INTS 499 International Studies Seminar (3-0-3), spring. In seminar sessions, a comprehensive integration of various disciplines of the international studies program and a senior project, individually designed in co-operation with the instructor. A writing-intensive course.
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