2012-13 Course Descriptions

HUM - Humanities   
College of Special Studies
HUM 212 Oxford Through the Ages (3-0-3), fall, spring. Explores the political, social and cultural history of Oxford by employing the city's parks, museums, churches and colleges as primary texts. Students will experience the sites and spaces in which Oxford's history has unfolded, as well as comprehend the social environment that has inspired writers and artists for centuries. Available only to students enrolled in ACU's Oxford Study Abroad program.
HUM 217 Latin America and the Arts (3-0-3), fall, spring. Offers an introduction to the arts in Latin America, with an emphasis on the twentieth century. Available only to students enrolled in ACU's Montevideo, Uruguay, Study Abroad program.
HUM 222 Western Heritage in England (6-0-6), fall, spring. A study integrating British literature (emphasizing but not limited to coverage of the 18th century to the present) and the social, economic, religious, political and aesthetic activities of western civilization from 1660 to the present. Will satisfy the same University Requirements as HIST 118 and ENGL 222. Course is offered only at the Study Abroad program in England. Students who receive credit for HUM 222 may not register for HIST 118 or ENGL 222. Travel required.
HUM 252 American Identity in the Modern Era (3-0-3), fall. Combines the related fields of history, fine art, and literature to explore the formation of disparate American identities during the Modern Era (1918-1970). Prerequisites: ENGL 111 and 112 or equivalent.
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