2013-14 Course Descriptions

CONR - Conflict Resolution   
Duncum Center for Conflict Resolution (CAS)   
CONR 601 Conflict Theory and Communication (3-0-3). Designed to prepare professionals for the field of conflict resolution. Provides advanced opportunities to analyze case studies, critique basic assumptions of conflict theories and role-play appropriate behavior in conflict scenarios.
CONR 605 Negotiation and Mediation (6-0-6). Comprehensive study of the conceptual and interpersonal skills required to engage in effective negotiation and mediation. Topics include analysis of conflict, negotiation and mediation planning, effective negotiation and mediation skills and process, impasse resolution, and agreement documentation. Emphasis on skill development and strategic approach to creating opportunity for agreement. 
CONR 610 Managing Conflict in the Workplace (3-0-3). Designed to prepare professionals for conflict resolution in the work environment. Provides opportunities to develop skills in identifying the signs and root causes of friction, anger, violence and conflict. Analysis of case studies provides the framework for understanding sources of organizational conflict.
CONR 612 Conflict Management Systems Design (3-0-3). Provides a framework for understanding organizational conflict prevention and resolution systems. Analysis of case studies and practical application are featured throughout the course. Prerequisite: CONR 605.
CONR 615 Managing Conflict in the Schools (3-0-3). Provides a basic understanding of the nature and management of conflict in schools. Students will learn to identify and deal with conflict through appropriate strategies, processes, and interpersonal skills.
CONR 630 Advanced Mediation: Marital Disputes (3-0-3). Applies the concepts of negotiation and mediation to the resolution of conflicts which arise during and after termination of a marital relationship. Prerequisite: CONR 605.
CONR 635 Identity, Culture and Conflict (3-0-3). Examines self and social contexts in which people with incompatible goals, assumptions, and behaviors conflict because of cultural differences. Proposes intercultural competence as an approach for managing cultural conflict from differences in cultural patterns and variables, problem perspectives of self and identity, and differences of race, gender, and class.
CONR 637 Dispute Resolution and the Legal System (3-0-3). Introduces students to a variety of legal traditions, including natural, Talmudic, Islamic, civil, Hindu, Asian, and common law, with emphasis on the United States legal system. The course specifically places alternative dispute resolution techniques in context with each legal tradition and challenges the student to reconcile the diversity of traditions.
CONR 638 Ethics and Conflict Resolution (3-0-3). Investigates contemporary policies, historical perspectives, and significant theoretical systems of ethics in the study of conflict resolution and reconciliation. Examines the relationship of ethics to decisions-making and problem solving in conflict resolution contexts.
CONR 643 Practicum in Conflict Resolution (3-0-3). A graduate level practicum tailored to meet the individual interests of the student and to utilize the student’s God-given, unique talents in advancing the field of conflict resolution.
CONR 645 Practical Skills and Theory in Conflict Resolution (3-0-3). Examines contemporary ideas in negotiation and mediation, reflects on the personal experience of conflict resolution, studies a holistic model of conflict, and engages practical applications of conflict processes.
CONR 651 Critical Thinking and Analysis (3-0-3).  Examines concepts and techniques of adult learning, critical thinking and analysis within the context of family conversations that address heritage development in business-related and emotion-driven issues and interests.
CONR 653 Communication and Facilitation (3-0-3).  Principles best practices and processes are discussed for guiding groups toward solving problems or achieving collective goals for heritage development.  The course focuses on building positive communication contexts for a group of people to move through complex relational challenges of emotionally charged conflict, problem solving and decision making.
CONR 655 Strategic Vision and Planning (3-0-3).  Explores theories and techniques for evaluating present conditions and future potential, creating viable vision and foundational platform statements, and designing and implementing strategic plans for heritage development.CONR 657 Practicum in Heritage Development (3-0-3).  This course provides students with practical experience working with applications of course principles and with professionals in heritage development contexts.  Students will observe processes and apply concepts and theories from courses in regular reports and reflections.
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