2012-13 Course Descriptions

BMIS - Missions   
College of Biblical Studies (CBS)

BMIS 245 Understanding Culture for Global Service (3-0-3), fall. This course will help students develop a theology of culture, to learn how to understand a culture through studying cultural subsystems.  They will learn the skills of participant observation, and be able to read a culture in order to facilitate presenting the good news.  May not be used to complete a Bible requirement in the University Requirements.  Prerequisites: BIBL 101, 102 (or 103), and BIBL 211.  May be used to satisfy University Requirements.    
BMIS 371 Religion in Global Contexts (3-0-3), spring. This course explores the changing significance of religion in the world.  The course familiarizes students with the major anthropological and sociological debates on religion, secularism, and global modernity; acquaints students with methodological approaches to the study of religion; and equips students to address thoughtfully and faithfully various religious practices from a Christian perspective.  Prerequisites: BIBL 101, 102 (or 103), and BIBL 211.  May be used to satisfy University Requirements.    
BMIS 391 Service in Global Contexts (3-0-3), spring only.  This course is designed to prepare students for international service by focusing upon critical thinking, global orientation and missional vision.  More  specifically this course equips students for short-term missions and facilities their reflection on that same work.  Prerequisites: BIBL 101 or 103 or either concurrently.  May be used to satisfy University Requirements.    
BMIS 420 Gospel in a Multicultural World (2-4-3), fall, spring.  This course enables students to develop a theology of mission by looking at the biblical basis of mission and sharpening their understanding of the gospel. Students will grapple with the challenge of interpersonal identification and models of communication.  Students will explore methods of planting meaningful communities of faith in various cultural contexts. Prerequisite: sophomore standing; BIBL 101, 102 (or 103) and BIBL 211.  May be used to satisfy University Requirements.    
BMIS 421 Mission as Spiritual Formation (3-0-3), on demand. This course acknowledges that spiritual formation is at the heart of God's mission.  God first transforms people and then works through them to share the gospel that transforms others.  The student will engage the process of individual and community spiritual formation and will explore what Christian spiritual formation has to share with and learn from other cultures, religious faiths, and faith traditions.  Prerequisites: sophomore standing; BIBL 101 and 102 (or 103) and BIBL 211.  May be used to satisfy University Requirements.    
BMIS 458 Focused Training in Missions (3-0-3), on demand. A variety of specialized studies will provide essential training in topics such as indigeneity, team missions, appropriate technology, emerging church models, communicating with non-literates, linguistics, holistic missions, community development, poverty, human trafficking, human migration, and/or social justice. Prerequisite: sophomore standing; BIBL 101, 102 (or 103), and BIBL 211. May be repeated.  May be used to satisfy University Requirements.    
BMIS 481 Inner City Missions (3-0-3), on demand. Examines the biblical teaching about cities and the practical difficulties encountered in urban settings. Particular attention (both theoretical and practical) is given to issues of race, justice and poverty. Prerequisites: BIBL 101 or 104; 102 or 105; 211 and 212.
BMIS 610 Evangelism in North America (3-0-3), on demand. Lays foundations for effective outreach by North American churches. Culture and the gospel are examined with a view to discerning specific contemporary approaches that may be used to communicate Christian truth clearly in the North American context.
BMIS 619 Church and Mission (3-0-3), fall. Cross-cultural techniques in survey, experimental, observation, and documentary research, analysis and report writing with considerable emphasis on practical experience.
BMIS 620 Teaching the Gospel (2-1-3), on demand. Guides the student to effectively present the Gospel on a person-to-person basis by devising and implementing evangelistic strategies appropriate to specific people in particular social contexts. A significant portion of the semester will be spent "on the street" doing evangelism.
BMIS 621 Fundamentals of Spiritual Nurture (3-0-3), on demand. Vital Christian task of spiritual guidance beginning with early faith and leading to mature, active discipleship.
BMIS 633 Leadership Training (3-0-3), summer. The study of leadership training methods. The student will write and test an extension module of study material.
BMIS 645 Missionary Anthropology (3-0-3), on demand. Similarities and diversities of human cultures designed to equip missionaries to communicate cross-culturally.
BMIS 646 Foundations of Missional Practice (3-0-3), on demand. The biblical basis of missions, the nature of interpersonal identification, the concept of culture, models of communication, methods of church planting and maturation, linguistics, and field selection.
BMIS 647 Readings in Contextual Theology (3-0-3), spring. Probing the reciprocal effects of culture and Christianity so that the missionary will refrain from absolutizing for all people everything that seems hermeneutically valid within his own society.
BMIS 648 Planting and Developing Churches (3-0-3), fall. A survey of the important administrative, anthropological, methodological, and theological issues for establishing responsible, reproducing churches in another culture.
BMIS 652 Developing New Churches in North America (3-0-3), on demand. Equips students to develop a biblically-informed, comprehensive, and effective plan for planting new churches in selected areas of North America.
BMIS 653 Growth Strategies for Established Churches (3-0-3), on demand. Gives students conceptual models and practical tools to facilitate leadership in church growth among established congregations.
BMIS 669 Introduction to Linguistics (2-1-3), summer. The science of language with the emphasis varying with the needs and aims of the class.
BMIS 670 Cross-Cultural Communication (3-0-3), summer. Various communication topics of vital interest to prospective missionaries such as perceptions and stereotypes, culture and personality, language and culture, as well as mass media and intercultural communication.
BMIS 671 Supervised Research in Missions (0-0-3), on demand. A faculty-supervised research project tailored to the specific needs of the student.
BMIS 672 Religion in Global Contexts (3-0-3), fall. Aspects of religion - conceptual, ritual, personal and social - from the perspective of the living world religions in order to gain a greater skillfulness in approaching the non-Christian.
BMIS 673 History of Missions (3-0-3), summer. The expansion of Christianity from Pentecost to the present with special attention given to the positive and negative influences in the spread of the Good News.
BMIS 675 Theology of Mission (3-0-3), fall. The development of a biblically accurate and missiologically sound foundation for missions to ensure that the messengers of God will return with an abundant harvest from the ripe fields among the tribes and cities of the world.
BMIS 680 Urban Missions (3-0-3), summer. Explores the theology, anthropology, and missiology of urban evangelism and community development with particular emphasis on the poor and the lifestyle required to reach them.
BMIS 689 Folk Religions and New Spiritualities (3-0-3), on demand. A study of personal spiritual beings (whether spirits, ancestors, or demons) as well as non-personal spiritual forces (magic and witchcraft) and their power to control human affairs.
BMIS 697 Intercultural Competence for Global Service (3-0-3), on demand. How worldview presuppositions explicitly and implicitly shape culture. Equips the Christian minister to clearly and critically analyze this or her own worldview and that of his or her audience in light of a biblical theology in order to avoid syncretism and to effect God-desired worldview transformations.
BMIS 699 Master's Thesis (0-0-6).*

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