2013-14 Course Descriptions

BGRK - Biblical Greek   
College of Biblical Studies (CBS)   
BGRK 221 New Testament Greek for Beginners I (3-0-3), fall.  Beginner's grammar of Greek of the New Testament with emphasis on inflections and vocabulary.  Meets MTWR.
BGRK 222 New Testament Greek for Beginners II (3-0-3), spring.  Continuation of BGRK 221. Simple readings in the Greek New Testament. Meets MTWR.  Prerequisite: BGRK 221.
BGRK 331 Elementary Greek Readings I (3-0-3), fall. Reading and interpreting the gospel of John.  Using Greek in ministry.  Grammatical review with an emphasis on syntax.  Prerequisite: BGRK 221 and 222. 
BGRK 332 Elementary Greek Readings II (3-0-3), spring. Reading select passages from the New Testament.  Intermediate grammar with an emphasis on the use of the Greek text in exegesis.  Beginning textual criticism.  Prerequisite: BGRK 221, 222 and 331.
BGRK 441 Exegetical Greek Seminar I (3-0-3), fall. Reading and interpretation of intermediate and advanced book(s) of the Greek New Testament, to be chosen by the instructor.  Principles of exegesis.  Detailed exegesis of select passages.  Background and critical issues.  Prerequisite: BGRK 331 and 332.
BGRK 442 Exegetical Greek Seminar II (3-0-3), spring.  Continuation of BGRK 441.  Prerequisites: BGRK 331, 332 and 441.
BGRK 611 Elementary New Testament Greek I (3-0-3), fall. An introduction to the vocabulary, grammar and syntax of the Greek New Testament; readings in the history and literature of the classical Greek period.
BGRK 612 Elementary New Testament Greek II (3-0-3), spring. Continuation of BGRK 611; the Hellenistic period. Prerequisite: BGRK 611.
BGRK 621 Intermediate New Testament Greek (3-0-3), fall. Intermediate Greek vocabulary, grammar, and syntax; introduction to New Testament textual criticism.
BGRK 623 Seminar in the Synoptic Gospels (3-0-3), fall, odd years. For advanced students; issues of synoptic research and methodology; relationship of the synoptics to John and to non-canonical gospels; message and theology of the individual evangelists; directed research in selected periscope. Prerequisite: BGRK 621, and consent of professor.
BGRK 624 Exegetical Seminar in Acts (3-0-3), fall, even years. An exegetical seminar for advanced students; intensive study of the Greek text with special attention to literary and historical method; directed research in selected passages and topics. Prerequisite: BGRK 621 and consent of professor.
BGRK 625 Exegetical Seminar in the Epistles (3-0-3), spring. Seminar for advanced students; directed research in selected passages and topics. Prerequisite: BGRK 621 and consent of professor.
BGRK 628 Seminar in New Testament Textual Criticism (3-0-3), on demand. A seminar for advanced students; sources of textual data; history of the printed Greek New Testament; principles of textual criticism; problems of canon; analysis of selected units of variation; exercises in paleography. Prerequisite: BGRK 621 and consent of professor.
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