University Requirements

University Requirements for ACU Degrees

University Requirements for certain baccalaureate degrees include additions or modifications to the 
basic university curriculum.  See the chart below for special requirements for the BA, BBA, BFA,
BM and BS degrees.

BA6 hrs - Sophomore foreign language
3 hrs - Sophomore (or higher) literature
BBA3 hrs - ECON 260 or 261
BFA3 hrs – Sophomore (or higher) literature
BMMinimum of 72 hours of music
BSNo additional hours
BSN11 hrs - Bible
3 hrs – PSYC 311

Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees offered at ACU

Associate of ArtsAA
Bachelor of ArtsBA
Bachelor of ScienceBS
Bachelor of Business AdministrationBBA
Bachelor of Fine Arts BFA
Bachelor of Music BM
Bachelor of Science in Nursing BSN
Certificate Program Cer
Doctor of Ministry DMin
Specialist in School PsychologySSP
Master of Arts MA
Master of Accountancy MAcc
Master of Arts in Christian Ministry MACM
Master of Arts in Missions MAMI
Master of Divinity MDiv
Master of Education MEd
Master of Liberal Arts MLA
Master of Marriage and Family TherapyMMFT
Master of Science MS
Master of Science in Nursing MSN

University Requirements for all Bachelor's Degrees

University Requirements except advanced courses, should be completed by the end of the sophomore year.     

University Requirements*    

Some courses may not be taken for university requirements credit (see course description)   Required Credit

The Core

   CORE 110 - Cornerstone
   CORE 120 - Human Person and Identity
   CORE 220 - Community
   CORE 320 - Discovery and Creation of Meaning   
  Capstone Course - (hours counted in the major)

     BIBL 101 - Life and Teachings of Jesus
     BIBL 102 - Acts-Revelations
     BIBL 211 - Message of the Old Testament
     Adv. course (300-499): BIBD, BIBH, BIBL, BIBM, BMIS**
     BIBL 440 - Christian Vocation and Mission
    ENGL 111 - Composition and Rhetoric
       (or ENGL 106/006 and 107/007)
   ENGL 112 - Composition and Literature
   Sophomore (200-299) Literature (includes literature in
       foreign language)
COMS 211 - Speech and Rhetoric

Students will take two science courses from the departments of agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Biology, Chemistry or Physics, or NUTR 120 Nutrition and Wellness from Exercise Science.  Students may take two unconnected courses in different disciplines or one two-semester sequence of courses within a single discipline.  Courses typically used to satisfy this requirement are listed below.

    Select two courses in different department areas from the following list:

    Agriculture/Environmental Sciences
        AENV 130 - Environmental and Technological Science
        ANSC 111 - General Animal Science
        ANSC 235 - Companion Animal Management      
        ENVR 112 - Plant Science

        BIOL 101 - Biology: Human Perspective

        CHEM 101 - Consumer Chemistry

       GEOL 111 - Introduction to Geology

        NUTR 120 - Nutrition and Wellness

        PHYS 101 - Astronomy      
        PHYS 102 - Physical Science      
        PHYS/PHIL 378 - History and Philosophy of Science      
        PHYS/PHIL 379 - Philosophy, Religion, and Science

    Or select courses from a two semester sequence below:    
        BIOL 112/113 - General Biology I & II    
        BIOL 291/292 - Anatomy & Physiology I & II    
        CHEM 113/114 - Introductory Chemistry/        
        Introductory Organic and Biological Chemistry    
        CHEM 133/134 - General Chemistry I & II    
        PHYS 110/112 - General Physics I & II    
        PHYS 120/122 - Engineering Physics I & II

MATW 120/020, MATH 120 or higher

Social Science

    3 hours from the following list:

        AGRB 261 - Principles of Agriculture and Applied Economics      
        ECON 260 - Macroeconomics      
        ECON 261 - Microeconomics

       HIST 117 - Civilization I      
       HIST 118 - Civilization II      
       HIST 221 - American History I      
       HIST 222 - American History II

    Political Science      
        POLS 221 - Government and Business      
        POLS 225 - National Government

        PSYC 120-Introduction to Psychology      
        EDUC 221-Educational Psychology

        SOCI 111 - Introduction to Sociology

3 hours of social science from a different area from the list above or from the following list:

       ART 101 - Introduction to Art         
       ART 221 - Art History: General Survey I    
       ART 222 - Art History: General Survey II

       HUM 212 - Oxford Through the Ages    
       HUM 217 - Latin America and the Arts

        MUSM 230 - Survey of Music in Western Culture   
        MUSM 231 - Survey of Jazz    
        MUSM 232 - Survey of Popular Music    
        MUSM 233 - Survey of World Music

        THEA 220 - Introduction to Theatre    
        THEA 250 - Film Appreciation

Exercise Science    
EXSC 100 - Lifetime Wellness     
    EXSC activity - 2 different activities

Foreign Language

     If lacking two years of high school language (one language): 6 hours 
    of college foreign language required (one language)

Total University Requirements Hours 56-62

*Some majors specify courses for certain university requirements.  (See major degree plan for specifications).
**BSN waives advanced Bible.

Note: For the University Requirements for the associate degree plan, please refer to the pre-architecture degree plan on page 46.