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Faculty from various departments who teach in this program:
Garry Bailey, Assistant Professor of Conflict Resolution
Jonathan Camp, Assistant Professor of Communication
Joe Cardot, Professor of Communication
Joe L. Cope, Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution
Matthew Dodd, Assistant Professor of Conflict Resolution
Paul Lakey, Professor of Communication
Mark Phillips, Assistant Professor of Management Sciences
Cynthia Roper, Associate Professor of Communication
Phillip Vardiman, Assistant Professor of Management Science

The Department of Communication offers the Master of Science (MS) degree in organizational and human resource development (OHRD). The MS in OHRD is an online 36-hour degree program that is interdisciplinary and includes courses from communication, conflict resolution, and management sciences.

The central objective of the degree program is to provide an advanced degree that synthesizes knowledge from diverse fields into a focused, yet flexible plan of study that is useful to leaders in all forms of organizations. The program is committed to applying the study of individual, group and cultural issues to meet the special needs of human resource professionals, administrators, managers, trainers, nonprofit leaders, government leaders and others in the professional community.

Distinctive features of the program are breadth in understanding human behavior, development of leadership skills with multiple applications, adaptation of models to diverse organizational settings, and maximization of career mobility for holders of the degree.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for the MS in organizational and human resource development are:

   1. Complete an application and application fee (see online link to admission); 
   2. An official transcript(s) in English (or translated to English) of all previous colleges attended. The transcript must    
      indicate an earned bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university or equivalent; 
  3. A cumulative undergraduate approximate B average or above in the area of focus or related area and evidence of    
      an overall productive GPA; 
  4. Two letters of recommendation; 
   5. A two-page, typed purpose statement describing career goals, professional interests and reasons for wanting to 
      enter the OHRD program; 
  6. Current resume.


Major Code: OHRD

The Master of Science degree in organizational and human resource development is a 36-hour program that requires at least half the total hours be taken at the 600 level. Students must have completed a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution. Because the degree is interdisciplinary in nature, no specific undergraduate major is required.

Requirements for the OHRD are:

          1. Communication (15 hours):
              COMS 545 Intercultural Communication 
              COMS 586 Human Resource Training and Development
              COMS 631 Leading Organizational Change              
              COMS 675 Seminar in Persuasion and Social Change
              COMS 697 OHRD Capstone

          2. Management Sciences (6 hours):
              MGMT 532 Human Resource Management
              MGMT 636 Organizational Behavior

          3. Conflict Resolution (15 hours - Allows option to gain Certificate in Conflict Resolution)
              CONR 601 Conflict Theory and Communication
              CONR 605 Negotiation and Mediation
              CONR 610 Managing Conflict in the Workplace
              CONR 612 Conflict Management Systems Design

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