2011-12 Course Descriptions

HIED - Higher Education   
Department of Graduate Studies in Education (CEHS)

HIED 611 Foundations of Higher Education (3-0-3). A comprehensive introduction to American higher education, including its historical development, structure, roles, and diverse characteristics. A special focus will be placed on the interplay of Christian faith with the historical development of American higher education.   

HIED 613 Introduction to Student Services (3-0-3). An introduction to, and overview of, the field of college student affairs is offered with emphasis upon its historical and philosophical foundation, its basic documents and its primary objectives within American colleges and universities. Students survey and analyze the typical programs and services which the college student affairs field delivers within American colleges and universities.   

HIED 621 Research and Assessment in Higher Education (3-0-3). Examines the research process from problem formulation to data collection and analyses. Application is made to the higher education setting. Students will also learn appropriate assessment techniques for higher education environments.    

HIED 622 College Students and Student Development Theory (3-0-3). A comprehensive introduction to the holistic development of college students and the history, application and practice of student development theory within the context of American higher education.   

HIED 623 Individual, Group, and Organizational Interventions (3-0-3). An introduction to the theoretical and practical understanding of the methods of designing, implementing and assessing interventions with individuals, groups and organizations. Instruction in counseling, group dynamics and organizational development and substantial opportunities to intervene with individuals, groups, and organizations with appropriate supervision and feedback regarding such experiences will be offered.   

HIED 632 Spiritual Development in College Students (3-0-3). Provides students with a comprehensive introduction to spiritual development. Includes the history and principles of Christian spiritual formation as well as a broad range of historical and philosophical approaches to spirituality.   

HIED 635 Higher Education Resource Management (3-0-3). A comprehensive introduction to managing resources in a higher education setting. A special emphasis is placed on budgeting and financial planning. 

HIED 641 Trends, Issues, and Problems in Higher Education (3-0-3). An exploration of the trends, issues and problems currently impacting American institutions of higher education. In addition, students will reexamine fundamental foci of the program and integrate what they have learned into a capstone project. Prerequisite: Students must pass qualifying exams to proceed to this course.   

HIED 643 Legal and Ethical Issues in Higher Education (3-0-3). Provides an examination of the major legal and ethical issues confronting contemporary higher education professionals. Emphasis is placed on federal regulations and mandates, constitutional issues, tort liability, contractual relationships, distinctions between public and private sector institutions of higher education and ethical standards for professionals in higher education.   

HIED 693 Supervised Practicum (1-2-3). A supervised experience in an appropriate higher educational setting designed to integrate professional experience with theory learned throughout the higher education curriculum. The internship is designed to create actual experiences and responsibilities of a professional position. A minimum of 150 clock hours of supervised experience plus weekly class meetings are required. Prerequisite: Students must pass qualifying exams before enrolling in practicum. Repeat up to 6 hours.

HIED 695 Internship with Embedded Capstone (3-0-3). A supervised experience in an appropriate higher educational setting designed to integrate professional experience with theory learned throughout the higher education curriculum. The Capstone portion of the course is the culminating academic event for all higher education master’s degree students in the online program.

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