2011-12 Course Descriptions

CORE - Cornerstone

CORE 110 Cornerstone (3-0-3), fall, spring. Engage first semester students in thinking about the ideas which shape our current and future views of ourselves, our communities, and the cosmos. Special attention is given to a Christian perspective on liberal education as a foundation for life-long integration of faith, ideas, and action. Required to satisfy University requirements.

CORE 120 Human Person and Identity (3-0-3), fall, spring, summer. Addresses the question of identity or the self through a variety of approaches from the humanities, fine arts, and theology, asking students to consider and to begin to articulate their own developing sense of identity. Required to satisfy University Requirements.

CORE 220 Community (3-0-3), fall, spring, summer.  This course explores the foundations of human communities, from family structures to faith communities.  Using a variety of disciplinary approaches, it examines influences on communities, such as culture, morality, politics, economics, gender, history, religion, institutions, and natural resources.  Matters that manifest communities, including geography, war, technology, and the arts, are also explored.  Required to satisfy University Requirements.  Prerequisites: CORE 120.

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