2011-12 Course Descriptions

BIBH - Church History   
College of Biblical Studies (CBS)


BIBH 380 Survey of Church History (3-0-3), fall, spring. Examines major people, ideas, and events in the history of Christianity from the beginnings to the present. Includes introductions to ancient, medieval, Reformation and modern church history. Prerequisite: sophomore standing.   

BIBH 383 Restoration History (3-0-3), spring. History of the Churches of Christ in America from 1800 to present. Prerequisite: sophomore standing.   

BIBH 417 African Americans in the Stone-Campbell Movement (3-0-3), fall. A historical survey of the participation of African Americans in the Stone-Campbell Movement from the nineteenth century to the present. The student will examine major historical personalities, black and white, who contributed to the rise, growth, and spread of black Churches of Christ in America as this religious group is addressed in its historical, cultural, and theological contexts. Prerequisite: sophomore standing.   

BIBH 432 Story of Christian Spirituality (3-0-3), spring. Systematic historical and analytical survey of the ways in which Christians have pursued the spiritual life from the early days of Christianity to the present day. Emphasis on key historical figures, primary sources, and developing critical tools for interpreting and evaluating Christian spiritual expressions. Prerequisite: sophomore standing.   

BIBH 633 Readings in Christian Spirituality (3-0-3), fall, odd years. Surveys the historical development of Christian spiritual reflection as expressed by select key writers. Emphasis on primary source reading, critical engagement with classic texts, and integration of course material for spiritual formation and ministerial leadership. Recommended prior courses: BIBH 651 and BIBH 652.   

BIBH 651 History of Christianity I: Early and Medieval (3-0-3), fall. The development of doctrine, institutions, worship, missions and daily life in the church from post-apostolic times to the 13th century.   

BIBH 652 History of Christianity II: Reformation to Present (3-0-3), spring. The development of doctrine, institutions, worship, missions and daily life in the churches from the 13th to 21st centuries.   

BIBH 655 History of Christianity in America (3-0-3), on demand. Christianity in America from its beginnings to the present. Special emphasis on the colonial period, the democratization of Christianity, the development of 19th-century denominationalism, the rise of ecumenism, and contemporary trends.   

BIBH 664 Advanced Restoration History (3-0-3), fall. An intellectual history of the Stone-Campbell Movement.   

BIBH 667 Research Problems in Church History (3-0-3), on demand. Research problems (not pertaining to the thesis) in the light of individual needs and interests.   

BIBH 674 Mission and Expansion of Christianity (3-0-3), fall, even years. Surveys the growth and development of Christianity as a mission movement in its first millennium. Emphasis on modes of contact with non-Christian religious populations and on methods of Christianizing converts. Recommended prior course: BIBH 651.   

BIBH 683 Restoration History and Polity (3-0-3), on demand. An introduction to the history of the Stone-Campbell Movement from its beginnings to the present, including an examination of the developments of its theological doctrines and structures.   

BIBH 699 Master's Thesis (0-0-6).* May be repeated.

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