2011-12 Course Descriptions

AGRB - Agribusiness   
Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAS)   

AGRB 261 Principles of Agricultural and Applied Economics (3-0-3), fall. A study of microeconomics principles and their application to food, fiber and natural resource issues. May be used to satisfy Social Science University Requirement. Prerequisite: 24 earned hours.   

AGRB 382 Agribusiness Management (3-0-3), spring. Examination, discussion and application of the basic skills needed to be an effective manager of an agribusiness. Prerequisite: AGRB 261 or ECON 261.   

AGRB 385 Food and Fiber Marketing (3-0-3), fall. Principles of agricultural economics as applied to marketing agricultural products. Prerequisite: AGRB 261 or ECON 261. Travel required.   

AGRB 430 Commodity Markets (3-0-3), spring. An examination of the cash, futures and options markets. Emphasis is placed on agricultural commodities and the fundamental and technical trading methods for transferring price-risk. Prerequisite: AGRB 261 or ECON 261.   

AGRB 442 Agricultural and Natural Resource Policy (3-0-3), spring. Historical concept, development and objectives of public policy in agriculture and natural resources including impact on rural development and international trade. Analysis of specific programs developed to achieve policy directives and their economic impact will be discussed. Prerequisite: AGRB 261 or ECON 261.

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