Texas Common Course Number System Cross-Reference List

   This guide appears in the catalog as a guide for students to understand which courses will equate to ACU courses prior to the initial matriculation of the student to ACU.


After the student's initial matriculation, these courses may transfer in pursuant to rules in the catalog regarding post-matriculation transfer work. Academic departments have discretion, via the Transfer Course Articulation form, to approve or not approve courses taken at other institutions.




ACCT 2301 or 2401Principles of Accounting IACCT 210Financial Accounting
ACCT 2302 or 2402Principles of Accounting IIACCT 211Managerial Accounting
ARTS 1301Art AppreciationART 101Introduction to Art
ARTS 1303Art History IART 221Art History: General Survey I
ARTS 1304Art History IIART 222Art History:
General Survey II
ARTS 1311Design IART 105Two-Dimensional Design
ARTS 1312Design IIART 106Three-Dimensional Design
ARTS 1316Drawing IART 111Basic Drawing
ARTS 1317Drawing IIART 112Figure Drawing I
ARTS 2323Drawing IIIART 213Figure Drawing II
BIOL 1106General Biology Lab IBIOL 114General Biology I Lab
BIOL 1107General Biology Lab IIBIOL 115General Biology II Lab
BIOL 1306 or 1406General Biology I (majors)BIOL 112General Biology I
BIOL 1307 or 1407General Biology II (majors)BIOL 113General Biology II
BIOL 1322Nutrition and Diet TherapyNUTR 120Nutrition and Wellness
BIOL 2101Anatomy/Physiology I LabBIOL 293Anatomy/Physiology I Lab
BIOL 2102Anatomy/Physiology II LabBIOL 294Anatomy/Physiology II Lab
BIOL 2301 or 2401Anatomy/Physiology IBIOL 291Anatomy/Physiology I
BIOL 2302 or 2402Anatomy/Physiology IIBIOL 292Anatomy/Physiology II
BIOL 2306 or 2406Environmental ScienceAENV 130Environmental and
Technological Science
CHEM 1111General Chemistry I LabCHEM 131General Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 1112General Chemistry II LabCHEM 132General Chemistry II Lab
CHEM 1311 or 1411General Chemistry ICHEM 133General Chemistry I
CHEM 1312 or 1412 General Chemistry IICHEM 134General Chemistry II
COMM 1316News PhotoJMC 233Photography
COMM 1317News Photo IIJMC 234Advanced Photography
ECON 2301Principles I - MacroECON 260Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 2302Principles I - MicroECON 261Principles of Microeconomics
ENGL 1301Composition IENGL 111Composition and Rhetoric
ENGL 1302Composition IIENGL 112Composition and Literature
ENGL 2322British Literature IENGL 221Major British Writers I
ENGL 2323British Literature IIENGL 222Major British Writers II
ENGL 2332World Literature IENGL 231World Literature I
ENGL 2333World Literature IIENGL 232World Literature II
FREN 1311 or 1411Beginning French IFLFR 111Elementary French I
FREN 1312 or 1412Beginning French IIFLFR 112Elementary French II
GEOG 1302Cultural GeographyGEOG 235World Geography
GERM 1311 or 1411Beginning German IFLGE 111Elementary German
GERM 1312 or 1412Beginning German IIFLGE 112Elementary German II
GERM 2311Intermediate German IFLGE 221Intermediate German I
GERM 2312Intermediate German IIFLGE 222Intermediate German II
GOVT 2301American Government Federal/State with ConstitutionPOLS 225National Government
GOVT 2302American Government Federal/StatePOLS 226States and Federal System
HIST 1301U.S. History IHIST 221American History I
HIST 1302U.S. History IIHIST 222American History II
HIST 2311Western Civilization IHIST 117Civilization I
HIST 2312Western Civilization IIHIST 118Civilization II
LAT 1311 or 1411Beginning Latin IFLLA 111Elementary Latin I
LAT 1312 or 1412Beginning Latin IIFLLA 112Elementary Latin II
LAT 2311Intermediate Latin IFLLA 221Intermediate Latin I
LAT 2312Intermediate Latin IIFLLA 222Intermediate Latin II
MATH 1314College AlgebraMATH 109Precalculus I
MATH 1324Finite MathMATH 130Finite Math for Applications
MATH 1325Business CalculusMATH 131Calculus for Applications
MATH 1332College/Liberal Arts Math IMATH 120Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 1350Fundamentals of Math IMATH 147Number Concepts
MATH 1351Fundamentals of Math IIMATH 148Concepts of Mathematics
MATH 1342StatisticsMATH 123Intro to Probability
and Statistics
MATH 2305 or 2405Discrete MathMATH 227Discrete Mathematics
MATH 2312 or 2412Precalculus/El FunctionsMATH 124Precalculus II
MATH 2313 or 2413Calculus IMATH 185Calculus I
MATH 2314 or 2414Calculus IIMATH 186Calculus II
MATH 2315 or 2415Calculus IIIMATH 286Calculus III
MUSI 1306Music AppreciationMUSM 230Introduction to Music
PHED 1306First AidEXSC 241First Aid/CPR
PHYS 1101College Physics I LabPHYS 111General Physics I Lab
PHYS 1102College Physics II LabPHYS 113General Physics II Lab
PHYS 1301 or 1401College Physics IPHYS 110General Physics I
PHYS 1302 or 1402College Physics IIPHYS 112General Physics II
PHYS 1311 or 1411Introduction to Astronomy IPHYS 101Astronomy
PHYS 1315Physical Science IPHYS 102Physical Science
PHYS 2425, 2325/2125Univ Physics IPHYS 120/121Engineering Physics I
PHYS 2426, 2326/2126Univ Physics IIPHYS 122/123Engineering Physics II
PSYC 2301General PsychologyPSYC 120Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 2314Life Span/Growth DevelopmentPSYC 232Developmental Psychology
SOCI 1301Introduction to SociologySOCI 111Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 1306Contemporary Social ProblemsSOCI 222Social Problems
SPAN 1311 or 1411Beginning Spanish IFLSP 111Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 1312 or 1412Beginning Spanish IIFLSP 112Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 2311Intermediate Spanish IFLSP 221Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 2312Intermediate Spanish IIFLSP 222Intermediate Spanish II
SPCH 1311Introduction to Speech CommunicationCOMS 111

Fundamentals of Communication

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