University Admission

Mark Lavender, Director of Admissions 
ACU Box 29000; Abilene, Texas 79699-9000
Hunter Welcome Center, Suite 140

Phone: 325-674-2650 (in Abilene) or 800-460-6228 (outside Abilene)
Fax: 325-674-2130

A goal of the director of admissions is to admit a broad range of well-prepared students. The availability of student financial aid facilitates this goal by permitting the university to consider applicants without regard to their ability to pay full tuition costs. (See the Financial Information section of  this catalog.) Abilene Christian University complies with all applicable federal and state non-discrimination laws, and does not engage in prohibited discrimination on the basis of race, color, nationality or ethnic origin, gender, age or disability in admissions decisions, financial aid and provision of student services, programs and activities. As a private educational institution, however, ACU reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant whose academic preparation, character or personal conduct is determined to be inconsistent with the purposes and objectives of the university

The purpose of the admissions process is to identify applicants who are likely to succeed academically at ACU and contribute positively to the campus community. The process considers such factors as high school records (including courses taken, grade trends and rank in class), score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT), essay responses, extracurricular activities and honors. Admission or denial of admission is not based on any single factor.

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Admission Categories    

Freshman Student - A student matriculating from high school or the GED program.

Bachelor of Applied Studies Student - A non-traditional student who is 25 years or older and has at least two years work or volunteer experience may apply for admission to the Bachelor of Applied Studies Program.

International Student - A student who is not a U.S. citizen and holds a non-immigrant visa (eligible to study in the U.S.).

Transfer Student - A student who has attended another accredited college or university and desires to attend ACU to pursue a degree.

Graduate School - Admission - A student who has received a bachelor’s degree and is admitted to a master’s degree program.

Former ACU Student (Readmission) - A student who previously attended ACU, was away for one or more semesters, and desires to return (includes students who were required to leave).

Second Baccalaureate Degree-Seeking Student - A student who has already completed one baccalaureate degree from ACU or another accredited university and is seeking to complete a second baccalaureate degree from ACU.

Transient (Special or Short Term) Student - A student who desires to take one or more courses at ACU without pursuing a degree.

Intercollegiate Student - A student who is admitted to ACU, Hardin-Simmons or McMurry and who takes courses at any of these universities to count toward his or her degree by completing an intercollege enrollment form.

ESL Student - Degree and non-degree seeking students wishing to improve their English language ability. Required for degree-seeking students who do not meet ACU’s minimum language requirement (see Institute of Intensive English in the Department of Foreign Languages section of this catalog).

Military or Veteran Student - Military service personnel and veterans of military service.

Academic Fresh Start Student - A student who previously attended ACU and has not been enrolled in any college or university for at least five years may request approval for Academic Fresh Start.

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Freshman Admission    

To be considered for admission to an undergraduate degree program at ACU, a prospective student must see that the director of admissions receives the following:


  1. Completed application form accompanied by a non-refundable processing fee. Applicants who do not have a Social Security Number should secure one before submitting an application.
  2. Official transcripts of all previous academic work. Students are required to submit official transcripts from the high school from which they graduated and any colleges they have attended. An official transcript is delivered to the university in a sealed envelope, marked as official, and contains a date of graduation if applicable.

    The director of admissions can consider freshman applications from students who have not graduated from high school but have passed the General Educational Development (GED) equivalency test and from persons 21 years of age or older who present strong evidence of ability to succeed in college.   
  3. SAT or ACT scores (not required of some transfer students, see Transfer Admission

    College Board - SAT Programs (Customer Service)
    PO Box 025505
    Miami, Florida 33102

    ACT Records
    301 ACT Drive
    PO Box 451
    Iowa City, Iowa 52243-0451

    SAT or ACT scores must be submitted by all freshmen. Contact SAT or ACT directly to request scores. Applicants are required to take one of these tests at the earliest possible date. Prospective students cannot be admitted unless SAT or ACT scores are on file. Either test will be acceptable for admission purposes provided that the student achieves sufficient results.
  4. Admission Essay. The essay section is a significant component of the application process.  When completing the application you will be prompted to complete your essays.  Topics for the essay may be found on the application for admission.  Essays are evaluated on the basis of content, writing skill and creativity.

Additional Requirements After Being Granted Admissions to ACU.

  1. Residence Halls

    ACU Box 29004; Abilene, Texas 79699-9004
    McKinzie Hall, 1750 Campus Court

    Phone: 325-674-2066
    Fax: 325-674-6475

    All students who have been out of high school less than two years are required to live in ACU residence halls. Newly admitted students must request housing online through their myACU portal. Assignments are made according to several factors, including the date applications are completed within the portal, roommate preferences, and hall availability. Current students apply for second-year residence halls through a lottery process held in the spring semester of each year. An off-campus housing petition is required of students who are making a special request to live off campus with their parent or guardian, because they are married, because they have been out of high school more than two years, or because they are 21 or older. To obtain an application, please visit Additional information on living and learning at ACU can be found in the Residence Life Education and Housing section of this catalog.
  2. Student Immunization Form 

    ACU Box 28154; Abilene, Texas 79699-8154
    McKinzie Hall East, Room 101
    Phone: 325-674-2625
    Fax: 325-674-6998

    Completed student immunization forms with a current medical history and immunization records is required at the time of registration. Student immunization forms must be submitted to Health Services by July 15 for the fall term. Deadline for the spring term is December 1.

    To ensure the health and safety of our campus, immunization against communicable diseases is extremely important. Vaccination against Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) and Meningococcal Meningitis, as well as a Tetanus booster and a completed Tuberculosis questionnaire, are required of all first-time freshmen and transfer students.  

    Please have the Student Immunization Form completed and signed by a health care professional, or complete the form and include an official photocopy of your records (see list of acceptable records below), and send to:

    Student Immunization Form
    ACU Box 29000
    Abilene, Texas 79699-9000

    Or fax it to 325-674-2130.

    Acceptable records demonstrating your immunizations may be obtained from any of the following (No other documentation will be accepted):
    • High School or Previous College or University Records – These may contain some, but not all of your immunization information.  They must have an official stamp or signature.  Your immunization records do not transfer automatically. You must request a copy.
    • Personal Shot Records – Must be verified by a doctor’s stamp or signature or by a clinic or health department stamp.
    • Local Health Department
    • Military Records or WHO (World Health Organization) Document

Be certain that your name, date of birth and ID number appear on each sheet and that all forms are submitted together. The records must include the dates of vaccine administration - including the month, day and year. All records must be in English. Please keep a copy for your records.

If you have any questions, please call the ACU Health Services Office at 325-674-2625 or visit the web site at

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Bachelor Of Applied Studies   
(Non-Traditional) Admission

Lynda Thornton, Advisor
Department of Applied Studies
ACU Box 28082; Abilene, Texas 79699-8082
Hunter Welcome Center

Phone: 325-674-2505
Fax: 325-674-6903

The College of Arts and Sciences offers the Bachelor of Applied Studies to encourage adults to obtain a bachelor’s degree. A student may begin a degree program at the entry level or a student may be able to combine previous college experience with knowledge obtained outside the classroom to form a foundation for degree completion. Special efforts are made to incorporate adult learners into the university environment.

Special off-campus offerings, Study Abroad activities or intercollegiate courses will be subject to additional costs and require an advisor's approval.

Admission Requirements

     1. Minimum age of 25.

     2. Minimum of two years work or volunteer experience.

     3. Interview with the BAS advisor.

     4. Bachelor of Applied Studies Application and non-refundable application fee.

     5. Satisfactory official transcripts of all previous college work. A high school transcript is
         required if fewer than 30 college semester hours have been earned.

     6. A two-page, typed statement of purpose.

     7. Two letters of recommendation from non-family members (one personal, one
         academic or job-related).

     8. Without an associate’s degree or with fewer than 64 acceptable college semester
         hours, appropriate test scores (e.g. SAT/ACT, COMPASS, WAIS, TONI or placement
         testing) are required.

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International Student Admission    

Kevin Kehl, Executive Director
Center for International and Intercultural Education
ACU Box 28226, Abilene, Texas 79699-8226 USA
Hardin Administration Building, Room 124

Phone: 325-674-2710
Fax: 325-674-2966

International students applying for admission to Abilene Christian University are given the same consideration as other students, except that they must also submit scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and show evidence of ability to understand and use English sufficiently well to succeed in their work at ACU. The Center for International and Intercultural Education issues the I-20 form, Certificate of Eligibility, to international students admitted to the university.

International and international transfer applicants must arrange to have an official transcript in English (mailed by the registrar to ACU at the above address) from the high school of graduation and each university previously attended. (To ensure evaluation, the transfer applicant should provide a catalog and syllabus in English.)

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Transfer Admission    

Transfer applicants must submit an official transcript from each college previously attended and an official high school transcript. To be official, a transcript labeled “official” by the issuing institution must be transmitted in a sealed envelope directly from the issuing institution to the receiving institution. Admitted students who have 65 or more semester hours of transferable college credit are not required to take the SAT or ACT if they have met all University Requirements at ACU. They must be in good standing with the college or university previously attended. Those on suspension at another institution are not eligible for admission to ACU.

All course work from any institution, completed prior to enrollment at ACU, will be evaluated according to the following policy or according to a specific transfer articulation agreement with the prior institution. How transfer credit is applied toward an ACU undergraduate degree depends on an evaluation of each course to determine its comparability in content and semester-hour credit to a corresponding ACU course or degree requirement. Accredited transfer courses may be blocked to meet comparable requirements at ACU. When no comparability is found, an accredited course is counted as an elective. A course that carries more credit than the corresponding ACU course or requirement is counted as equivalent; the additional hours are counted as elective credit.

Grades for transfer courses (outside the intercollege agreement) are not included in the student’s GPA at ACU.

To be eligible to graduate with honors (summa, magna, cum laude), students must have completed 64 hours of courses at ACU.

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Transferring Credit at the Time of Admission
  1. Transfer courses with a grade of “C” or higher from regionally accredited institutions will be posted to the student’s ACU record and may count toward hours in a degree if the credits are appropriate.
  2. Transfer courses will be posted at the same level they were taken at a previous institution. ACU accepts only courses equivalent or comparable to courses offered at ACU.
  3. ACU does not offer nor accept college credit for vocational/technical training or for work force education courses.
  4. Evaluation of transfer work intended to meet specific ACU degree requirements is the responsibility of the chair of the department offering the comparable course at ACU.
  5. No more than 66 semester hours of credit from a community, junior or other two-year college may be applied toward an ACU degree.
  6. The maximum number of transferred credit hours that may be applied toward an ACU undergraduate degree is 96.
  7. A student who transfers three different exercise science activity courses to ACU is exempt from taking EXSC 100. (The maximum number of activity courses that may required for an ACU degree is three.) Extra exercise science courses may count as general electives activities (limited to two 1-hour courses) and lectures (unlimited).
  8. Grades for transfer courses are not included in the student’s GPA at ACU.
  9. See Bible Hours Required of Transfer Students for information about how transfer hours affect university Bible requirements.     

Note for art majors: Credit hours transferred toward a degree in art shall not exceed one-half of the credit hours within the major. A minimum of 24 of the total advanced hours in studio areas required for the BFA must be done at ACU.

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Transferring Credit from Institutions that are Not Regionally Accredited    

Students wishing to transfer courses to ACU from institutions that are not regionally
accredited must:

     • Complete one semester as a full-time student at ACU with a GPA of at least 2.5.

     • Provide course descriptions and academic credentials of each instructor for the
        courses that are to be considered for transfer.

     • Request a transfer reevaluation after their first semester at ACU.

During their first semester at ACU, students will qualify for financial aid based only on the number of hours previously earned at regionally accredited institutions, if any. After one semester financial aid eligibility will be recalculated, upon request, and based on the total number of hours that have been awarded under this policy.

Bible Hours Required of Transfer Students (University Requirements)    
  1. Students with Bible transfer courses:
             Students will not be required to take more than 14 hours including  
             transfer Bible hours/courses as long as they meet the following distribution
    • Biblical text: at least one Old and one New Testament course.
    • Advanced Bible: (BGRK, BHEB, BIBD, BIBH, BIBL, BIBM, or BMIS) at least one course.
    • All students will be required to take BIBL 440, Vocation and Missions, regardless of transfer work
  2.  Students with no Bible transfer courses:
             The following calculations are based on the minimum number of hours required for
             an ACU degree (128 hours).
Transfer hours credited to ACU degree Bible hours required for a ACU degree* Courses Required
0-2914BIBL 101, 102, 211, elective, 440                  
30-79                    11BIBL 101, 102, 211, 440
80 or higher8BIBL 101, 211, 440

*Based on 10 percent of the remaining hours required at ACU to the closest multiple of three. 
Note: Courses should be taken in sequence (BIBL 101, 102, 211, 212).

Graduate Admission

See the Graduate School section of this catalog. 

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Former ACU Student (Readmission)    

Office of the Registrar
ACU Box 29141; Abilene, Texas 79699-9141
Hardin Administration Building, Room 207

Phone: 325-674-2236
Fax: 325-674-2238

All students who leave the University for more than one long semester must apply for readmission. All students who leave the University on academic probation or suspension or with disciplinary concerns must apply for readmission. Their cases will be taken before the University Readmission Committee to determine their eligibility to return to ACU. Decisions made by the committee are made based on a variety of factors, looking at the holistic view of the student, rather than just one factor. The decision of the University Readmission Committee is final. Those students on academic suspension from another institution will not be eligible for readmission to ACU.

Students wanting to apply for readmission should refer to the Readmission Forms and Instruction page at for instructions and the application forms. Note that the deadlines for applying each semester will be strictly enforced. 

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Second Baccalaureate Degree Student    

Office of the Registrar
ACU Box 29141; Abilene, Texas 79699-9141
Hardin Administration Building, Room 207

Phone: 325-674-2236
Fax: 325-674-2238

Students who already have attained a baccalaureate degree (either from ACU or another accredited institution) and wish to work toward a second baccalaureate degree must apply for admission to the University.

Students applying to ACU in this category will be required to provide copies of all college transcripts, as well as other admissions documents that are required for other undergraduate students. Students seeking a second baccalaureate degree will be required to meet the university requirements for the degree they are pursuing and must have at least 24 hours in addition to the work completed for their first degree.

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Transient (Special or Short Term) Students    

Office of the Registrar
ACU Box 29141; Abilene, Texas 79699-9141
Hardin Administration Building, Room 207

Phone: 325-674-2236
Fax: 325-674-2238

Students who want to take courses for academic credit but are not seeking a degree from ACU may be admitted on a semester-by semester basis as transient, or non-degree, students. This provision applies, for example, to students enrolled in another college, qualified high school students, and visiting summer students. Transient applicants must:

     1. Complete a Special Student Application, available in the Registrar’s Office or online

     2. Submit an official high school or college transcript.

     3. High school students must also submit a letter of permission from a high school
         counselor or principal.

Students from other institutions are urged to confer with their own advisor before enrolling at ACU. Students who have a baccalaureate degree but want to take additional undergraduate courses must apply through the Graduate School.

Non-degree students who later decide to continue their work at ACU must apply for admission to a degree program following published procedures. The fact that they have been admitted to non-degree status for one or more semesters does not guarantee their admission to a degree program at ACU.

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ESL Student Admission    

Center for International and Intercultural Education
ACU Box 28226, Abilene, Texas 79699-8226
Hardin Administration Building, Room 124

Phone: 325-674-2710
Fax: 325-674-2710

ESL students should contact the Center for International and Intercultural Education for application to the Institute of Intensive English and admission to the university. See the Institute of Intensive English in the Foreign Languages Department section of this catalog.

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Military and Veterans Admission    

Bill Hughes, VA Coordinator
Office of the Registrar
ACU Box 29141; Abilene, Texas 79699-9141
Hardin Administration Building, Room 207

Phone: 325-674-2902
Fax: 325-674-2238

Veterans applying for admission to the university should follow the normal university admissions process, but they should also contact, as early as possible, the veterans’ coordinator in the Registrar’s Office to expedite handling of VA forms needed to qualify for benefits.

Veterans should submit evidence of satisfactory completion of Service Schools to the Registrar’s Office to determine if college credit can be awarded.

Military service personnel and veterans may be admitted as freshmen or transfer students. In addition, they may receive credit for successful completion of college-level military service schools as set forth in the American Council on Education’s “Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services.”

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Academic Fresh Start Applicant    

Office of the Registrar
ACU Box 29141; Abilene, Texas 79699-9141
Hardin Administration Building, Room 207

Phone: 325-674-2236
Fax: 325-674-2238

Any undergraduate student who previously attended ACU may request approval for Academic Fresh Start provided at least five years have elapsed since he or she was last enrolled in any college or university. Guidelines and an application for Academic Fresh Start may be obtained in the Registrar’s Office. Approval for Academic Fresh Start must be made before registering in courses.

Academic Fresh Start allows students who previously attended Abilene Christian University to start over and have all previous courses and grades excluded from a new degree program. All previous courses and grades remain on the student’s transcript, but are not counted toward the new degree program, earned hours or GPA.

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