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Brian Burton, Assistant Professor
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Robert Byrd, Associate Professor
Timothy Coburn, Professor
John Homer, Assistant Professor
Brad Crisp, Assistant Professor
Fortune Mhlanga, Professor
Alfa Nyandoro, Assistant Professor
Brent Reeves, Associate Professor

Faculty from other departments who teach in this program:
Joe Cardot, Professor of Communication
Carley Dodd, Professor of Communication
Paul Lakey, Professor of Communication
Mark Phillips, Assistant Professor of  Management Sciences 

The School of Information Technology and Computing offers a 36-hour, non-thesis Master of Science (MS) degree in global IT leadership. The program is intended for individuals who ultimately desire positions of leadership and administration within IT organizations.

The program is interdisciplinary in nature, specifically drawing from areas of communication, management, and information technology. The curriculum focuses on leadership, values, organizational dynamics, and contemporary issues in the IT arena encountered in today's businesses and organizations.

Students with diverse academic backgrounds, including business, engineering, communication, computer science, and others, may be accepted into the program. Individuals who lack sufficient technical background may be required to complete one or more leveling courses prior to entering the program.

Completion of the degree requires a global experience (e.g., internship or practicum) in order for graduates to successfully address the challenges of an increasingly global economy and society. Applicants may receive a limited amount of credit for prior work experience upon submission and review of appropriate documentation.

Admission Requirements
For admission criteria, please refer to the Graduate School - Admission Requirement section of this catalog. In addition to the general graduate school requirements, applicants to the MS in global IT leadership program must submit a satisfactory GRE or GMAT score (Applicants with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 in the last 60 credit hours of undergraduate work are exempt from this requirement). 


Major Code: GIT

Requirements for the MS in global IT leadership are:

   1. Organizational Communication and Leadership, 9 hours*:
       COMS 642 Seminar in Communication
       COMS 683 Cultural Case Studies
       COMS 685 Seminar in Organizational Communication

       *May substitute two of the following 500-level courses if the 600-level courses
         are not available in a timely manner:
            COMS 521 Leadership and Communication substitutes for COMS 642
            COMS 583 Communication in Multi-National Organizations substitutes for COMS 683
            COMS 585 Organizational Communication substitutes for COMS 685

   2. Management Systems, 9 hours:
       IS 524 Management Information Systems
       IS 605 Systems Analysis and Design
       MGMT 636 Organizational Behavior

   3. Information Technology, 18 hours*:
       IT 610 IT Services and Administration
       IT 615 IT Innovation and Entrepreneurship
       IT 620 Information Assurance and Control
       IT 625 Enterprise Architectures and Systems
       IT 630 IT Governance
       IT 650 Internship in Global IT Operations**
       IT 660 IT Work-Product Portfolio 

*Course Selection must be approved in advance. Up to 9 credit hours of prior course work in a closely aligned field (e.g., information systems, information technology, and computer science) may be transferred from a regionally-accredited university; or, up to 6 credit hours may be awarded for equivalent work experience. The combination of transferred course work and equivalent work experience cannot exceed 9 credit hours. Responsibility for providing appropriate documentation rests with the applicant. Credit is granted on a case-by-case basis upon faculty review of the applicant's evidence and a positive recommendation by the Director of the School of Information Technology and Computing and the Dean of the Graduate School.

**IT 650 Internship in Global IT Operations is required of all domestic students without appropriate work experience.

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