2010-11 Course Descriptions

FLFR - French   
Department of Foreign Languages (CAS)   

FLFR 111 Elementary French I (3-1-3), fall. An introduction to the basic skills of speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing. Prerequisite: E-ACT English, 19 or above; SAT verbal of 460 or above; ENGL 003/004; or approval by department. Non-credit laboratory required.   

FLFR 112 Elementary French II (3-1-3), spring. A continuation of FLFR 111. Prerequisite: FLFR 111 or equivalent. Non-credit laboratory required.   

FLFR 221 Intermediate French I (3-0-3), fall. Further study of basic grammar with greater emphasis on conversation and reading. Prerequisite: FLFR 112 or equivalent through testing.   

FLFR 222 Intermediate French II (3-0-3), spring. Grammar review, reading, conversation, and composition. Prerequisite: FLFR 221 or equivalent through testing.

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