2010-11 Course Descriptions

EACH - Early Childhood   
Department of Teacher Education (CEHS)


EACH 363 Early Language and Literacy (3-0-3), fall, spring. Addresses developmental issues and teaching strategies related to oral language and early literacy development. Explores developmentally appropriate, research-based strategies for promoting children's literacy learning from age 3 through early primary. Topics include oral language development, phonological awareness, early phonics and emergent literacy. Also included are strategies to provide communication and language supports for young children with developmental challenges and strategies for teaching children with limited English proficiency in the early childhood classroom. Prerequisites: EDUC 211, EDUC 250, and admission to Teacher Education Program required.   

EACH 451 Guidance in Early Childhood (2-2-3), fall, spring. Fundamental principles underlying behavior and methods of working with young children. Concurrent enrollment in EACH 466 required. Prerequisites: EDUC 211, 323 and admission to Teacher Education Program.   

EACH 466 Education of Young Children (3-0-3), fall, spring. A required course for students certifying in age 3 through grade 4. A study of theory and practice in the education of young children. Includes 30 hours of field experience in public schools. Concurrent enrollment in EACH 451 required. Prerequisites: EDUC 211, 323, and admission to Teacher Education Program.   

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