2010-11 Course Descriptions

BIBD - Theology   
College of Biblical Studies (CBS)


BIBD 332 Religious Teachings of C.S. Lewis (3-0-3), spring. A study of the religious writings of C.S. Lewis, emphasizing bibliographical information and concentrating on selected works of Lewis. Prerequisite: sophomore standing.   

BIBD 352 Biomedical Ethics (3-0-3), fall. Students will explore current bioethical issues in the health care field, evaluate each issue at the philosophical level, and learn to respond from a Christian worldview. Prerequisites: junior standing and completion of lower level University Bible courses. Pre-health majors only.   

BIBD 379 The New Testament Church (3-0-3), fall. Biblical doctrine of the church. Prerequisite: sophomore standing.   

BIBD 380 Introduction to Philosophy (3-0-3), fall. Basic concerns of philosophy to other fields, and a discussion of the major types of philosophy. Same as PHIL 380.   

BIBD 478 Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion (3-0-3), fall, even years. An examination of theism in the light of reason, competing world views, and philosophies. Same as PHIL 478.   

BIBD 486 Ethics (3-0-3), spring. Biblical foundations. Applications to contemporary problems. Same as PHIL 486.   

BIBD 487 History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (3-0-3), fall, odd years. Development of philosophical thought during the ancient and medieval periods. Same as PHIL 487.   

BIBD 489 History of Modern Philosophy (3-0-3), spring, even years. The development of philosophical thought from Hobbes and Descartes through Kant and Hegel with emphasis on epistemology, metaphysics, and ethical theory. Same as PHIL 489.   

BIBD 491 Theology for Ministry and Missions (3-0-3), spring. Introduces the nature of theological reflection. Students will participate in foundational discourses in the field of theology in order to understand particular biblical and historical doctrines, to embody the practical and pastoral implications of theology, and to be drawn into further devotion to God. Prerequisite: BIBM 391.   

BIBD 642 Contemporary Religious Thought (3-0-3), on demand. Surveys contemporary theological thinkers and explores their relevance for theological issues today.   

BIBD 647 Research Problems in Theology (3-0-3), on demand. Research problems (not pertaining to the thesis) in the light of individual needs and interests.   

BIBD 660 Introduction to Systematic Theology (3-0-3), fall. Introduces the tasks and methods of systematic theology and focuses on Christian doctrines such as God, atonement, providence, human selfhood, and the church.   

BIBD 661 Theological Explorations (3-0-3), spring. An in-depth study of one of the major Christian doctrines in light of insights from other fields of knowledge.   

BIBD 672 Introduction to Graduate Study (3-0-3), fall, spring. Designed to introduce the basic tools of theological research and to promote the basic writing skills necessary for the presentation of scholarly research. Students in MDiv are required to complete a readiness-for-ministry assessment. Required within the first 9 hours of all degree programs.   

BIBD 678 Introduction to Philosophy of Religion (3-0-3), spring. Introduces the task and methods of philosophy of religion and focuses on select philosophical issues facing contemporary Christians.   

BIBD 686 Christian Ethics (3-0-3), fall. Introduces the task and methods of Christian ethics and focuses on select ethical issues facing contemporary Christians.   

BIBD 699 Master's Thesis (0-0-6).* May be requested.

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