2010-11 Course Descriptions

APST - Applied Studies   
College of Arts and Sciences (BAS)   

APST 101 Adult Learning Theory (3-0-3), fall, spring. Explores current theories and practices of adult education. A required project develops a personal philosophy of learning, an inventory of learning experiences and a plan for the student's educational development. Enrollment limited to BAS students.   

APST 324 Portfolio Preparation (3-0-3), spring. Guides the student through the process required to produce an academic portfolio of the student's college-level life-learning experiences; promotes an understanding of the balance between theory and experience necessary for college credit; acquaints the student with the standards for prior learning credit; and prepares the student for the faculty assessment and transcription process. Enrollment limited to BAS students. Prerequisite: APST 101. Special fee required.  A writing-intensive course.

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