2009-10 Searchable Catalog Index  

• Letters from the President and Provost  

ACU Profile

Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees

Undergraduate Academic Information
     • General Education Requirements for All Bachelor's Degrees
     • Degree Core Requirements

College of Arts and Sciences
     • Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
     • Art and Design
     • Biology
     • Chemistry and Biochemistry
     • Communication
     • English
     • Foreign Languages
     • History
     • Journalism and Mass Communication
     • Mathematics
     • Music
     • Physics
     • Political Science
     • Psychology
     • Sociology and Family Studies
     • Theatre

College of Biblical Studies
     • Bible, Missions and Ministry

College of Business Administration
     • Accounting and Finance
     • Management Sciences

College of Education and Human Services
     • Communication Sciences and Disorders
     • Exercise Science and Health
     • School of Social Work     
     • Teacher Education

School of Information Technology and Computing

Patty Hanks Shelton School of Nursing

Interdisciplinary Programs
     • Degrees and Majors
          • Bachelor of Applied Studies 
          • Health Professions Cooperative Degree
          • Interdisciplinary Degrees
          • International Studies
     • Minors
          • Ethnic and Women's Studies Minor
          • Leadership Studies Minor     
          • Peace and Social Justice Studies Minor
          • Philosophy Minor
          • Public Service Minor
     • Certificates
          • Gerontology
          • International Studies

ACU Online

Graduate School
     • Graduate School of Theology
     • Patty Hanks Shelton School of Nursing Graduate Program

Reference Information
     • Course Descriptions
     • Texas Common Course Numbering System
     • Personnel
     • Important Contact Information


A PDF file of the entire 2009-10 Catalog is available, as is a PDF file of the catalog cover:
    • 2009-10 Catalog (PDF file - 6.65 MB) 
    • 2009-10 Catalog Cover (PDF file - 411 KB)


This catalog contains information about undergraduate and graduate programs and is intended to be a description of the policies, academic programs, degree requirements and course offerings in effect for the 2009-10 academic year. The university has endeavored to make it as accurate as possible at the press deadline. It should not be construed as an irrevocable contract between the student and the university. Abilene Christian University reserves the right to change any of the policies, procedures or fees described in this catalog and to apply these changes to any or all of its students as it finds necessary. The university may also choose to add or delete course offerings, degree programs or other programs at any time.

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