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Chris Flanders, Advisor
ACU Box 29441, Abilene, Texas 79699-9441
Onstead-Packer Biblical Studies Building, Room 291
Phone: 325-674-3742
Fax: 325-674-6180

The Master of Arts in Missions is a 54-hour program that provides a scholarly yet practical foundation for engaging in an effective proclamation of the Gospel. This is accomplished by culture-specific training in research, planning, evangelism, church planting, and spiritual nurture. The members of the faculty have significant field experience and scholarly expertise in domestic and foreign missions to accomplish this purpose.

The MA in Missions degree is an in-depth study of missiology and theology that equips students to be effective practitioners, undergraduate teachers, and competent analysts of missions. Spiritual mentoring, team building and psychological assessment are integral to the missions program for field readiness preparation.

Up to 6 hours of advanced placement is possible with extensive undergraduate preparation. Consult with advisor.

Major Code: BMIS

Requirements for the MA in Missions are:

          1. Orientation:
              BIBM 602 GST Orientation

          2. Advanced, select 6 hours from the following (consult with advisor):
              BIBD 672 Introduction to Graduate Studies
              BMIS 645 Missionary Anthropology
              BMIS 646 Foundations of Missiology
              BMIS 672 World Religions

          3. Missions core, select 9 hours from the following:
              BMIS 619 Missionary Research
              BMIS 673 History of Missions
              BMIS 675 Theology of Mission
              BMIS 697 Worldview and Worldview Change

          4. Specialization of either domestic or international track, 12 hours:
              a. Domestic track
                  BMIS 610 Evangelism in North America
                  BMIS 652 Developing New Churches in North America
                  BMIS 653 Growth Strategies for Established Churches
                  BIBM 629 Field Education
              b. International track
                  BMIS 647 Ethnotheology
                  BMIS 648 Planting and Developing Churches
                  BMIS 689 Folk Religions and New Spiritualities
                  BIBM 629 Field Education

          5. Missions Selections, 6 hours              

          6. Theology core, 21 hours
              BIBL 610 Advanced Introduction to the Old Testament
              BIBL 620 Advanced Introduction to the New Testament
              BIBH 664 Advanced Restoration History
              BIBM 616 Narrative Evangelism
              BIBM 648 Christian Spiritual Formation
              Ministry Selection, 3 hours
              Theology Selection, 3 hours

          7. English Bible Exam

          8. Comprehensive exam or thesis defense.



Requirements for the certificate in missions are:
Students without an undergraduate degree in missions must take:
          a. Advanced menu, 9 hours.
          b. Missions core menu, 3 hours.
          c. Domestic or international track menu, 3 hours.
          d. Missions selection menu, 3 hours.

Students with an undergraduate degree in missions (which includes the 9 hours of advanced standing courses) must take:
          a. Missions core menu, 9 hours.
          b. Domestic or international track menu, 6 hours.
          c. Missions selection menu, 3 hours.

A certificate may be earned by credit or non-credit. If courses are taken as non-credit, all assignments must be done and all exams must be taken on a Pass/Fail basis. Only certificate courses taken for credit may later be applied toward a graduate degree.

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