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The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (MACM) is a 54-hour degree designed to equip individuals primarily for church ministry roles other than preaching. This degree prepares students for competent leadership in some form of specialized ministry in congregations or other settings (courses available in children’s ministry, youth and family ministry, education ministry, missions, and gerontology). The MACM degree is normally two years in duration for a full-time student. Persons admitted with some advanced theological study or with extensive undergraduate studies in Bible, religion, and ministry may receive up to 9 hours of advanced placement. Consult with the advisor.

Non-Resident Program
The Graduate School of Theology offers a 54-hour program whereby non-resident students can obtain the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (MACM). This degree provides an opportunity for students from around the world to remain in their current jobs while taking course work to advance their ministry skills. Students may select courses from several formats to complete the MACM, including one-week intensive, weekend intensive, and Internet courses.

The Graduate School of Theology is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools which requires that all students complete part of their degree in residence. This residency requirement may be met through one-week intensive and weekend intensive courses. Substantial reading preparation is required for all intensive format courses so students must register several weeks in advance to receive the reading assignments. Currently, the Graduate School of Theology offers resident courses on the ACU campus and at the ACU Education Center at DFW in Irving, Texas.

Students must complete all degree requirements within seven years. The MACM degree requirements are the same for both resident and non-resident students.

Major Code: MACM

Requirements for the MACM are:

          1. Orientation:
              BIBM 602 GST Orientation

          2. Tools, 12 hours:
              BGRK 611, 612 Elementary New Testament Greek I, II
              BIBL 627 Biblical Exegesis
              BIBD 672 Introduction to Graduate Studies

          3. Bible core, 9 hours:
              BIBL 610 Advanced Introduction to the Old Testament
              BIBL 620 Advanced Introduction to the New Testament
              Text Selection, 3 hours

          4. History and Theology, 9 hours:
              BIBD 660 Introduction to Systematic Theology or
                   BIBD 678 Introduction to Philosophy of Religion
              BIBH 651 History of Christianity I
              BIBH 664 Advanced Restoration History

          5. Ministry, 9 hours:
              BIBM 651, 652, 656 Supervised Practice of Ministry I, II, VI
              (non-residential students may substitute BIBM 629 Field Education
               or its equivalent with the approval of the MACM advisor)
              BIBM 607 Introduction to Christian Ministry
              BIBM 648 Christian Spiritual Formation or
                   BIBM 670 Worship

          6. Electives, 15 hours.

          7. English Bible exam.

          8. Oral comprehensive exam or thesis defense.


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