Graduate School - Financial Assistance, Graduate Assistantships


Financial Assistance

ACU participates in the following grant programs for graduatestudents:
          • TEG – Tuition Equalization Grant (for Texas residents only as available)

Departmental scholarships are offered through the various departments. For more information regarding these scholarships, contact the department of interest.


   Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistants (GA's) at Abilene Christian University fall into three categories according to major responsibilities:

          1. Academic support, including clerical work;

          2. Research; and 

          3. Teaching.

Upon employment, GA's are given a letter clearly stating responsibilities, remuneration, and the expectations of the department and of the professor to whom they are assigned. Remuneration includes a stipend and tuition reduction. Both full- and part-time assistantships are available.

Graduate assistants are chosen on a competitive basis. Students apply through the Graduate School and are approved by the dean upon recommendation by the head of the department for which they wish to work (and upon the recommendation of their graduate program if it is different from the department in which they work). In order to receive an assistantship, a student must be admitted unconditionally into a graduate program and must be enrolled for graduate course work that semester. For a full assistantship, a student must be enrolled in at least 9 hours. For a half assistantship, a student must be enrolled in at least 6 hours. A student may be considered a full-time student in his or her final semester with fewer hours if he or she is completing final requirements for the degree. Students should direct inquiries about graduate assistantships to the Graduate School.

Qualifications and Work
All graduate assistants are expected to be responsible and successful students who can make a positive contribution to their departments and to the campus community. They each must have completed a baccalaureate degree before beginning their work as graduate assistants. Those who teach or have other job-related contact with undergraduates should be good role models in scholarship, integrity, helpfulness and commitment to Christian values. Those who teach must have at least 18 graduate hours in the discipline taught and must be proficient in the use of English.

Each graduate assistant is assigned to an instructor, who is responsible for training, supervising and evaluating the assistant in his or her work. Teaching assistants also receive regular in-service training and are evaluated by their students each semester. All graduate teaching assistants are also under the oversight of the Graduate School.

Graduate assistants are assigned work space or offices, telephones and mailboxes, as available, usually on a shared basis. Teaching assistants are expected to attend departmental faculty meetings and to keep regular office hours.

Compensation and Reappointment
Pay for graduate assistants varies by department and assignment.

Reappointment of graduate assistants depends upon (1) departmental needs, (2) the graduate assistant’s satisfactory academic progress toward a graduate degree and (3) evaluations from mentors and, in the case of teaching assistants, from students.

All graduate assistants must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average to retain their assistantships.

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