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Admission Requirements

Higher Education (MEd)

Jan Meyer, Assistant Professor
Jason Morris, Assistant Professor
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The Department of Graduate Studies in Education offers the Master of Education in Higher Education, with an emphasis in College Student Affairs. This 36-hour program is designed to prepare students for professional careers in a broad range of higher education settings. Graduates will be prepared for roles such as residence life director, academic advisor, international student coordinator, financial aid counselor, intramural director, career services advisor, and many others. The degree will also provide a solid foundation for future doctoral work in higher education.

This program is designed to provide learning that is both classroom-based and experiential and that is intentional in its consideration and integration of the role of Christian faith in the work of a higher education professional. This program is distinguished from other graduate programs in higher education by its emphasis on preparing graduates to deal with issues and concerns in higher education from a Christian perspective. Upon completion of this program, students will be knowledgeable about and competent in:

          • Budgeting and finance in higher education

          • Group, individual and organizational interventions in higher education

          • Diversity and intercultural issues

          • Conflict resolution

          • Assessment and evaluation

          • Student development

          • Legal and ethical issues in higher education

          • Student spiritual formation

Students will complete 300 hours of supervised experience as reflective practitioners. Students will choose from many practicum opportunities available at ACU and other local colleges and universities that may include the following areas: recruiting and admissions, judicial affairs, career planning and placement, intercollegiate athletics, federal TRIO programs, student multicultural affairs, registrar, residence life, financial aid, first-year program, international education, intramurals, student activities, student leadership, spiritual life, and volunteer and service learning. Each student will complete a capstone course that requires the integration of foundational program concepts. The capstone course culminates in a project that the student uses to illustrate competencies mastered throughout the program. Students present their final capstone project to a panel of three higher education professionals for evaluation.

International learning opportunities will be made available on a regular basis in an effort to prepare future educators to engage in a global society. Students will be encouraged to attend discipline-related conferences for learning and professional networking opportunities.

   Admission Requirements
Although a bachelor’s degree is required for admission, no specific undergraduate major is required. For admission criteria, please refer to the Graduate School Admission Requirements section of this catalog. In addition to the general Graduate School requirements, additional admission requirements are as follows: 

  1. A written purpose statement describing the applicant’s reasons for wishing to enter the higher education program and future career plans; and
  2.  A personal interview with the program director. Contact Jason Morris to arrange the interview.

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Major Code: HIGH

Requirements for the MEd in higher education are:

HIED 611Foundations of Higher Education                                                
HIED 613Introduction to Student Services
HIED 621Research and Assessment in Higher Education
HIED 622College Students and Student Development Theory
HIED 632Spiritual Development in College Students
HIED 635Higher Education Resource Management
HIED 643Legal and Ethical Issues in Higher Education
CONR 601Conflict Theory and Communication
CONR 605 Negotiation and Mediation
CONR 610 Managing Conflict in the Workplace
HIED 695 Internship with Embedded Capstone
HIED 623 Individual, Group, and Organizational Interventions 
HIED 641 Trends, Issues, and Problems in Higher Education (Capstone) 
HIED 693Supervised Practicum
SOCI 542Cultural Diversity           
ElectiveChoose (with approval) a course with an emphasis in student or human development 

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