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Terry Baggs, Advisor
ACU Box 28058
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Don Morris Center, Room 126

Phone: 325-674-4819
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Lynette Austin, Assistant Professor
Terry Baggs, Assistant Professor
Brenda Bender, Associate Professor
MaLesa Breeding, Professor

Supervising clinical faculty:
Denise Barnett, Instructor
D’Lyla Kirby, Assistant Professor
Holly Morris, Instructor
Dava Lynn Sullivan, Instructor



Abilene Christian University’s Communication Sciences and Disorders Department offers a Master of Science (MS) degree in speech-language pathology. The MS in communication sciences and disorders is a 52-hour non-thesis program consisting of 36 hours of academic preparation and 16 hours of clinical practicum. The course work is presented in a two-year sequence. A written comprehensive examination is required.

The Communication Sciences and Disorders graduate program is accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation (CAA) from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA).

The mission of the Communication Sciences and Disorders department is to equip students with knowledge and skills in speech-language pathology for ministry to individuals with communication disorders through a Christian world perspective. Students and faculty are involved in the provision of diagnostic and treatment services to the community, research into the causes, prevention, and effects of communication disorders, and advocacy for persons with communication disabilities. The training program endeavors to produce speech-language pathologists with professional competency and conduct consistent with the highest national standards.

Admission Requirements
Enrollment is limited to applicants who will be full-time students. For admission criteria, please refer to the Graduate School Admission Requirements section of this catalog. In addition to the general Graduate School requirements, the following criteria are required of all applicants for unconditional admission to the MS program in communication sciences and disorders:

  1. A minimum GRE score of 875 (combined verbal and quantitative); 
  2.  A third letter of recommendation (at least two of the recommendation letters must come from professionals in the field and relate to the applicant's potential academic success);
  3. A writing sample (may be submitted as a mission statement);
  4. A two-year commitment is required from all applicants.

The Communication Sciences and Disorders Admissions Committee makes holistic judgments based on the evaluation of an applicant’s ability and readiness for graduate work. In conjunction with the Graduate School, the Committee may recommend conditional admission for an applicant who does not meet all admission criteria.

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Major Code: CSD

Requirements for the MS degree in communication sciences and disorders are:    

1. Core courses (36 hours); Practicum (16 hours)
YEAR 1                                                          
COMP 602Aphasia
COMP 610Language Disorders in Children
COMP 620Communication Research Methods
COMP 659Diagnostic and Therapeutic Theory
COMP 693Clinical Practicum
COMP 601Phonology
COMP 603Motor Speech Disorders
COMP 613Dysphagia and Related Disorders
COMP 693Clinical Practicum
COMP 608Multi-Cultural Issues in Speech-Language Pathology
COMP 693Clinical Practicum (Variable credit: 1 or 3 hours)
COMP 604Voice Disorders
COMP 606Fluency Disorders
COMP 693Clinical Practicum (Augmentative/Alternative Communication)
COMP 694Advanced Clinical Practicum
COMP 670Seminar in Speech Pathology: Professional Ethics
COMP 670Seminar in Speech Pathology: Capstone
COMP 694Advanced Clinical Practicum
2. Comprehensive Exam

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