College of Arts and Sciences

Gregory Straughn, Interim Dean
Jeff Haseltine, Associate Dean
ACU Box 29210
Abilene, Texas 79699-9210
Sherrod Building – Don Morris Center, Room 127

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The College of Arts and Sciences endeavors to educate students for worldwide Christian service and leadership through programs of study and other learning experiences that blend a liberal arts
education with professional and career education. The college offers a broad spectrum of programs in the arts, humanities, social sciences, behavioral sciences, natural sciences, and mathematics as well as professional and pre-professional programs. Many courses in the college are designed to provide a unique liberal arts education from a Christian perspective to students of all majors throughout the university.

The college includes the following 18 degree granting departments and programs:

          • Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

          • Applied Studies

          • Art and Design

          • Biology

          • Chemistry and Biochemistry

          • Conflict Resolution

          • Communication

          • English

          • Foreign Languages

          • History

          • Journalism and Mass Communication

          • Mathematics

          • Music

          • Physics

          • Political Science

          • Psychology

          • Sociology and Family Studies

          • Theatre

The College of Arts and Sciences offers the following degrees:

          • Associate of Arts (AA)

          • Bachelor of Arts (BA)

          • Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS)

          • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

          • Bachelor of Music (BM)

          • Bachelor of Science (BS)

See the department listings for more specific information about degree programs offered and the requirements for each degree.

Many graduate programs are offered in Arts and Sciences through the Graduate School. For more information, consult the Graduate School section of this catalog.

Other programs in the College of Arts and Sciences are:

          • Criminal Justice (Sociology and Family Studies)

          • Gerontology (Sociology and Family Studies and Interdisciplinary Programs)

          • Institute of Intensive English (IIE) (Foreign Languages)

          • International Studies (Foreign Languages and Interdisciplinary Programs)

          • Ethnic and Women’s Studies Minor (History and Interdisciplinary Programs)

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