2009-10 Course Descriptions

   UNIV - University Courses

College of Special Studies

UNIV 011 Learning Strategies (3-0-3),* fall, spring. An intensive, holistic, academic program which provides the cognitive, affective, and applicative skills useful for helping students experience academic success. Prerequisite: placement by department chair or program director.


UNIV 012 Student Success Workshop (1-5-1), fall, spring. An intensive, individualized, academic workshop designed to accelerate the cognitive, affective, and applicative skills experienced in UNIV 011. Course may be repeated. Prerequisite: UNIV 011.


UNIV 100 University Seminar (2-0-1), fall, spring. A foundational course designed to enhance the opportunity for success of the first-year student. A framework for Christian learning is explored in an interactive small-group format in which the instructor also serves as the student's academic advisor and mentor. An experienced, upper-level student serves as a peer leader to assist with course activities. May be used to satisfy University Seminar Degree Core requirements.


UNIV 203 Communicative Attitudes (2-0-2), fall, spring. A programmed experience in development of attitudes, self-confidence, and personal skills to achieve motivated effectiveness in academic, family, work, and social situations.


UNIV 245 Leadership Foundations (3-0-3), spring. An introduction to the field of leadership, with an emphasis on current leadership concepts and theories, self-assessment, and personal development within a Christian context.


UNIV 419 Research Readings (0-0-1), spring. Designed to introduce undergraduates in the McNair Scholars Program to general research principles and techniques used in their particular field of study. Students will be required to read a set of selected research readings, select and read various research readings related to their discipline, identify a research topic, and begin to conceptualize a research project with the help of a faculty mentor. Prerequisite: selected to be a McNair Scholars research intern.


UNIV 420 Basic Research Methods (1-1-1), summer. Introduces new McNair Scholars to basic research concepts and skills. The focus on preparing McNair Scholars to conduct a research project and to write a research paper, which are required as part of the program's summer research internship. Prerequisite: selected to be a McNair Scholars research intern.


UNIV 421 Research Writing (1-1-1), summer. Introduces undergraduates in the McNair Scholars Program to the process of writing an extended research paper. Students will be given instruction on outlining, organizing, drafting and revising an extended research paper. A portion of each meeting will consist of lecture while the remainder of each meeting will be given to drafting and work shopping. Corequisite: UNIV 420.

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